Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unicorn Way!

 Hi Everyone!
    The last time we left off on our new adventure, we had just met Headmaster Ambrose and His Pet Owl Gamma. I had chosen to learn and master the school of Ice! In this Post, we explore Unicorn Way and even visit Ravenwood! You will also meet my Ice Wizard's pet, and mount!
    After helping Ambrose in that Tower with Malistaire, we meet him in his Office! He has finally sorted out our Registration papers and asks us to go talk to the guard in front of Unicorn Way! When you walk out of his office, you will be shown the pop up above, it shows you all of the activities you can enjoy alongside Questing. Head out of Headmaster Ambrose's Yard and you will be in the Commons! This is the local passing area of Wizard City.
    I was lucky enough to breed an awesome Ice pet with thanks to alot of people in the community! Lucky has Spritely, Pain Giver, Ice Giver, Spell Proof 10%, and Spell Defy 5%! To top it off, he gives a Dragonblade Card! This is really useful especially for Ice Wizards since they do not train their Iceblade until early in the 4th Main World! (Yikes!) Last year around Christmas Time, the Yuletide Pack that was being sold had the Cool 2 person Winter Treant as a rare drop! He will be joining me in my "Icy" adventures! Fits the theme perfect!
    Look for Private Stillson on your Map in the Commons area (Press M to open Map) and head over to him! At first he says you cannot pass, but once you show him the letter Ambrose gave you, he lets you through but advises you to be careful! There are Ghosts and other dark creatures roaming around in here! Once inside Unicorn Way, You will see a vendor selling some things near the tents and opposite of that you will see Diego the Dueling Unicorn and his other Pvp Buddies standing near the entrance to the Arena! Up ahead will be Private Connely who you must talk to next!
    Right when you talk to him, you should level up for your very first time! Woot!! I'm a level 2 Ice nooby! :D He asks you to go help patrol the streets ahead and defeat 3 lost souls! Piece of cake! You did just beat 2 Draconians in that tower with Ambrose! The only cards you will have in your Magic Deck is your starting school spell, and some wand attacks that match your school. For me I have Frost Beetle, and Ice wand hits. After beating up some of the Ghouls, head back to Connely!
    Connely thanks you for your help, and tells you to go and talk an speak with Ceren Nightchant to see if he knows why Dark creatures are spreading around Unicorn Way. Ceren says he was sent here by Moolinda Wu, the life school professor to see if the rumors about the fairies were true. He asks a favor and wants us to defeat a couple of dark fairies! While you head towards the street area where you battled the Lost souls, there will be another lady, Olivia Dawnwillow who will ask you to defeat some of the skeletal warriors on the street. They have been breaking into the homes taking people's things!
    After defeating the Dark Fairies and Skeletal Warriors for Olivia and Ceren, go back and talk with them to earn some XP and Gold! Olivia thanks you, and Ceren says that the Fairies must be corrupted if us fighting them didn't turn them back into their normal form! He asks us to go talk to Lady Oriel, the Seraph located in the Hedge Maze at the end of Unicorn Way. Inside the Hedge Maze you will see what the Fairies are suppose to look like unlike the ones outside. Lady Oriel thanks you for coming to help figure out what is wrong with her fairies! She has you go and battle 3 of them outside and bring back the dust you collect after each battle to see what is wrong with them.

Meeting Ambrose and Gamma!

Hello Wizards!
    Today I will be starting a brand new Wizard for the Wizard101 adventure series! We are magically teleported to an old man and his pet owl who say they need our help! Where are we and what adventures lie ahead?
    During the Tutorial, Ambrose will ask you to take a short test to determine which school of magic you will become! If you would like to pick the school yourself, simply click "skip" on the lower left hand corner. After creating your Wizard and choosing its looks, you will meet an evil Wizard named Malistaire in the Tower up ahead. Ambrose helps you get through your first battle in the game.
    After defeating the Draconians, Malistaire says he has gotten what he had come for and teleports away. Ambrose then gives you your Wand and Spell Book and tells you to meet him in his office to get you enrolled into Ravenwood School!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Silent Market

 Hello Wizards!
    Today we will be exploring the next area of Khrysalis! The Silent Market is the 2nd area you will be exploring during your adventure. Like the Bastion, it is currently gloomy and taken over by Morganthe's Umbra army! All of the Rat villagers have been turned into Crystal with their souls stuck inside. This is just a little bit of magic from Morganthe's Song of Creation.
    After helping Dyvim get his armor back in the Bastion, he will ask you to meet him in the Silent Market area. He explains to you that this place was once filled with happy burrowers. Dyvim shares with you that his people here have a secret contact here that has information on what Morganthe's plans are. He asks us to look for the coded message on one of the red sash's on the ground nearby.
    Once you find the message, Dyvim explains that the symbols on it means "Danger". The Message points us to the door ahead, "The War Room". The information inside is said to be guarded! A new system has arrived in this update called "Assistant's". This is when an NPC "joins" you during the battle. Now we aren't sure whether in the future they will actually join you in the battle and cast their own spells, but for now they give your Wizard a boost in stats! When Dyvim joins you (similiar to a companion in Pirate101) check out your stats! Now pick up your jaw and go fight that Boss!
    After defeating the Boss in the War Room, Dyvim finds the note from Cornelius in the room and shares to you what it says. After you read it, you go and talk to one of the crystals in the Market area. You get a little bit of background of what happened here. Dyvim then tells you we have to go find the Burrowers who escaped to the Moon Cliffs before getting changed into crystal like the others! But in order to enter Moon Cliffs we need the key to the gate!
    Thinking of who can help us, we realize the bug we defeated in the bastion during Zaltanna's test could help us out and he is right over near the market area! He lets us know that the Moon key is being held by a boss nearby. While you are here also, stop by Zeke and Eloise for their Training point quests! After you get the key its time to head to Moon Cliffs!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Entering the World of Khyrsalis!

Hello Wizards!
    Today I will start showcasing each area in Khrysalis! I'll explain some background story on them, and then will share my thoughts on each! Let us begin with our first area, the Bastion!

    The Bastion is the main hub of this world! When you first use the Khrysalis spiral key, you appear here! When you first arrive, you will see a bug like creature ahead and she will ask who you are and whats your purpose. Knowing she is likely a friend of Morganthe's you have to lie and trick her like Ambrose told you.
    When you arrive you see the gate to go any further is locked. Zaltanna the bug who you first meet test's you first. She asks you to go into the Benighted Burrow behind you and defeat everything in one of tower dungeons. Once you return she allows you to pass which opens up more of the area to you! Up near the top you will notice waterfalls, this is where the Teleporters to each area will appear when you find one.
    I really like this area, the design and atmosphere is very different to past worlds. You are in Morganthe's world now. She has taken over and she has eyes everywhere! ;)
    After passing Zaltana's test, she tells you about a spy they have caught and to go talk with her sister Rose in the Tower up ahead to see if they have found anything out. When you reach the Tower, the prisoner asks for our help. Rose then engages Battle with you.
    After saving the prisoner, Dyvin Whitehart, He asks you to help him lock up Rose haha! When you meet him outside in the Bastion, he asks you to do him a favor and help him get his armor back that they took. You will then have to enter a small dungeon in the benighted burrow to find it. After a few battles, you will get them back and he can gear up before telling you to meet him in the next area, Silent Market!
Until then Wizards!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Welcome to the World of Khrysalis!

Hello Wizards!
    Yesterday, Kingsisle opened up the Test Realm! Guess what we are testing? Khrysalis! A new world for level 90 wizards! In this post, I am going to go through everything! My opinion on the world, each area, the different types of races you find here and much much more! Kingsisle has said that this world is so big, they have had to split it into 2 parts. The first part was released, the second part is coming early 2014! Now lets learn about Morganthe's world wizards!
    If you are level 90, and have completed the Aztecan Quest, "Speaker for the Dead", go talk to Headmaster Ambrose and he will have a new adventure for you to embark on! The last we heard of him, he was preparing to bring the Council of Light back together! He asks you to go and speak with Inyaga Whitestripes in Zafaria, and King Artorious in Avalon to join the Council of Light!
    Inyaga agree's to help out however he can, since we saved Zafaria! When you ask King Artorious, he says he cannot leave Avalon, but will have the Lady of the Lake go in his place. He also gives you a cool new spell version of the Sword of Kings! Each school gets one, and they cost 8 pips to use! To see all of the spells, click on them above!
    After talking with the Lady of the lake, she agrees to help in place of the King! Ambrose thanks us for going and getting more help! He tells us, that the Spiral Key to Khrysalis was destroyed a long time ago, and that we have to forge a new one! Ambrose says that a small part of Khrysalis is still reachable! The Isle of Arachnis broke off Khrysalis and is reachable through Professor Greyrose's Ice Archway. Head over to the Ice tower after speaking with Greyrose to teleport to the Isle.
    When you reach the Island, you see a forge, and the Council of Light all around it. They only can be there in astral form though, because Morganthe has summoned an Umbra Barrier that prevents any of her old enemies she fought long ago out of Khrysalis!
    After speaking with all of the Council Members, we fight some of the remaining mobs on the island for remenants of Life Magic and Death Magic. We need these to forge the Khrysalis Spiral Key! Here is the boss on the Isle that holds the Death Magic Remenant! You can also see the King Artorius Storm Spell in it!

    After you have fought the Mobs for the Life seed, and the Boss for the Death remenant, you are ready to use the Diamond Forge! (Greyrose says she had Cyrus take it out of the Myth School's Basement haha)
    While you are forging the Khrysalis Spiral Key, The Council of Light members all focus with you lending you their power. After you've forged the key, Ambrose lets you know again that they cannot physically go with you since Morganthe's Penumbra Barrier - But they can visit you in Astral form giving you advice! He then tells you to go into Bartleby's chamber and use the new spiral key to finally enter the World of Morganthe's Shadow Web - Khrysalis!
What will happen next wizards?
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Idea for a new Hub World and Graduation from Ravenwood! (Levels 100-200)

 World Name: Ravenwood College

Type of World: The next level of teaching for Ravenwood School students from Wizard City. (Main World)

    Once you reach level 100, Headmaster Ambrose will call you to his office. He congratulates you on graduating from Ravenwood school. Your School teacher is also in his office and congratulates you and gives you a wand similiar to theres as a special gift.

    Ambrose goes on to talk about your next step. He tells you about Ravenwood College which is the school for graduated Ravenwood school students from Wizard City. It is located on the outskirts of Dragonspyre, (Dragonspyres magic College got destroyed just like their regular school from the Dragon titan.)

    He hands you the Spiral Key to your new school. Ambrose says he will meet you there. Your former teacher of course has to stay in Ravenwood to teach there new students. They thank you for being a great student and tell you that you are always welcome to visit their school again.
When you use the spiral door you are transported to the outside of a HUGE Castle. You see a bunch of Ravenwood Banners all over the walls of the castle. You also see banners of each school hanging above the doubledoor entrance to the castle.

    Merle is over by the entrance waiting for you. He wants to introduce you to his friend, the headmistress of the College. When you walk into the Castle you are in a huge entrance room. Checkered patter floors and Marble walls. Lots of paintings and Portraits hanging from the walls of past students you presume. You follow Ambrose to the left hall as you pass by students who are practicing their spells on eachother in the courtyard. Once you are at the end of the hall there is a statue of a Raven. Ambrose mutters the words "En Magus nos fides" Of course you know this as the Ravenwood Motto. He waves his staff when saying it and the statue moves and there is a stairway now revealed.

    When you follow him up the staircase you are now in the headmistresses office! Ambrose greets his old friend and then he introduces you to her. "Johnny this is Professor Ariella" You say hi and she congratulates you on graduating from Ravenwood in WC. Her walls are adorned just like the entrance hall, checkered floor with marble walls, she has a collection of her staffs on the right wall and tapestry's to different parts of the spiral on the left wall.
She hands you your new level 100 ravenwood robe and wand.

    Ambrose explains that when he left Avalon long ago with Gamma, While he discovered Ravenwood School and Wizard City, he met Ariella in Aquilla on his travels. She agreed to help him teach magic. While he stayed and teached magic in WC, Ariella would teach graduated students at the college with her own faculty she chose. Ambrose says his farewells and says you are always welcome to visit WC and thanks you for everything you have done for WC and him. (Regarding Malistaire and Morganthe)

    Ambrose then uses the Tapestry on the wall to WC and Headmistress Ariella tells you where your school of magics classroom is located and the professors name. "Ah you are a master of the Storm School yes? You will find your classroom on the opposite side of the castle 4th floor, near the Owl Statue." She hands you a map of the school and marks it. Go and meet Professor Thunderlucia, she is a great friend of Professor Balestrom back in there younger years. There are tons of new Divination spells you haven't learned yet. Balestrom only taught you the first couple of spells.

    She also tells you the location of your school's dorimitory is and marks it on your map.
Before leaving she welcomes you again and wishes you goodluck in your new travels and adventures while at the College. As you walk out of her magnificent office you look out the nearby window. You see a forest on the outskirts of the castle grounds, one side with dark clouds and the other half with sunshine.

    When you arrive at your classroom, your new professor greets you. She/he talks about the lessons your previous professor at WC taught you and then teaches you your first new spell! After that she gives you a school symbol marked egg with your new school pet. Since you are at a new school now they let you go explore the castle. "Dont get lost! There are many twists and turns, secret passages, and dangers if not prepared"

    As you are about to leave the classroom, Headmistress Ariella calls you back to her office, "Wizard we have trouble on the lose, please come to my office immediately!" [Oh boy this sounds JUST like Ambrose...] xD

(You now begin the 3rd Story ARC.)

The first 2 story arcs level 1-100 were Morganthe/Mali. Now a new baddie is on the lose! Who will it be? ;)

    As well as a new castle/school, there is a school points system, whichever ravenwood college school has the most points after each month, your school banners will be shown all over the grounds and castle for one day. There is a local town at the bottom of the mountain which you can buy all sorts of wizardy things.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morganthe 101

Hello Wizards!
    Today on Kingsisle's Blog, they shared some information about the Wizard101 Villians, Morganthe and Malistaire! In the past months, I had created 2 threads about Morganthe, and her story in the game! If you would like to take a peek, and learn about this enchantress, view both of these parts!
    The first part tells you about her backstory including some pics! The second part is theories I have of Morganthe (including pics). Both of these threads are located on Wizard101Central. I hope you enjoy! Study up on her, because before you know it, we will be facing her in her most powerful form! ;)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Nightmare Pack Contest Winners!

 Hi everyone!
    Thank you to everyone who entered the "Create your own Halloween Mount" contest! At first I said there would be only 10 winners, but Id like to give 1 nightmare pack to everyone who entered! 14 people entered so all 14 will get 1 nightmare pack!
    Below is a video that shows the 3 lucky wizards who will recieve a code for 2500 crowns! It was a random draw between all 14 of you. If you are one of the winners in the video, you will recieve the crowns, not the pack! Goodluck! :)
    Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners! You will recieve an email from the email you sent your entry in from! The other 11 wizards who entered will recieve an email confirmation of your Nightmare Pack, please respond so we can meet up in-game and I can gift you your pack!
    Now for the good part of this post! I loved all of the cool ideas you guys sent in! Some great Halloween Mounts! Check em out everyone! (The pics are just an idea of what they are thinking of, they were not created by them.) (All credit goes to the owners of the pics)
How about a fire horse 40% speed , 1 person - Lory A.
This is my idea Gargoyle 1 seat, 50% speed - Naomi S.
Ghost Dragon, 40% speed, 4 seats(for friends)
Something like this - Ileana H.
I would like to see a spider mount ,1 passenger, 40% speed(or more) - Noemi
This is LucasLifeDust.
My idea is a Bat mount!!
It will be a 2-person mount
you can change it to certain colors
It goes 40% speed
It's animation is that it settles on the ground and screeches!!
The Barded Warhorse mount, details given below:
1. How the mount looks like is in the picture
2. The mount can not be dyed but its armor can be changed or bought at the crowns shop, making it different from the ones that your friends have.
3. This mount has a speed of 50% and it can be switched between on land or in mid-air by pressing the interacting button (x). It is a 2 person mount.
4.This mount would make a great sale because of its great looks and the mid air/on land function
5. Your friends can enjoy by riding on it with you (2 person mount).
Thats all i hope you like my entry, good luck to all others. - Mason Wiz
Hello Johnny!
My entry is going to be two epic ghouls carrying a carriage containing two passengers seats for two people to sit on! It's kind of the same thing like the Mander palanquin from the Pharoh's hoard pack. I will call it the DEATH OF THE GHOULS MOUNT. It will have awesome texture on it with dark colors on it with awesome glows.
- Hunter Darksword
The name of the mount is: Bat
Mount: It is a bat :)
the speed: 40%
Passengers it can hold: 2
-Diana Silverflame
Flying Black cat
I would like to see a black cat that can fly and it can hold 1 person.
And the speed of the Black cat is 35% ( yes, I know that there's only 20% and 40% speed mounts)
-Amber Blood
Mount: Vampire
Name: Vampire
Speed: 20%
passenger: 2
-Kestrel Myth
A two person, scarecrow mount. The two riders would sit on it much like how they would on the treant, but just on the cross beam that supports the scarecrows arms. It would be about the same size as Jack Hollow or scarecrow mobs. Same 40% speed as most other mount. - Aiden M.
Name: Umbra Mist Cloud
Speed: +40%
Passengers: 1
Look: Resembles the Arcus Cloud mount. It's a bit bigger. The colors of it would be a mix of black and grey. There would also be ashes/dust/etc coming off the bottom and surrounding the wizard's feet. - Alex Ashfinder
My mount idea would be called Spider Servant at the normal 40% speed. It would hold up to 6 passengers, one on each leg (it would be a 6 legged spider, lol). It would be a black spider with red dots on it's back. - Julia Dreamcaster
Mount name: Handoom (hand + doom)
Speed: 50% boost
Passengers: 4, one between each finger.
Looks: A giant hand engulfed in shadows emerging from the ground, with shadow wisps floating around it. When the wizard moves, the hand closes to hide the wizard, and a trail is left behind for 5 seconds - Cheyenne Pixieheart
Those are all of the entries! Thank you all for participating again! Remember to check your emails!
See you around the Spiral!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nightmare Pack Returns!

Greetings Wizards!
    Today Kingsisle released the Nightmare Pack! It is the same exact pack as the past 2 years but they have updated it again! It includes some really cool new gear that is based off dragons! It costs 299 crowns in the crown shop at the moment! Below will be some pics of what I recieved from it earlier today! To learn even more about the Nightmare pack, click here!
    Those are some of the items I recieved from this spooktacular pack! The last image is of Timothy Titan's collection of all the sets from the pack! I bet you all would love to try some of these packs out eh? Well good news for you! I will be giving out some Nightmare packs!
    To have a chance at winning a pack, simply send me an email to (Please get your parents permission if you are under the age of 13!) Your objective is to create your very own Halloween Mount!! Show all of the Spiral and Kingsisle what you would like to see as a mount next year and the years too come! Could you be thinking a Magical Pumpkin Carrage? A Headless horseman mount? (cuts your head off!) :D
    Send me the name of the mount, the speed, how many passengers it can hold, and describe what it looks like (You could also draw it if you would like or use photoshop etc..)! It has to be Halloween themed! I'll even throw in 3 crown prizes of 2500 crowns! After I recieve all of your entries, I will use a random generator to pick 10 winners! 3 winners will get 2500 crowns, and the 7 others will recieve a Nightmare pack! The deadline to entering is October 21st at midnight! 
Have an awesome evening everyone!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Contest Time!

Happy Halloweenfest everyone!
    I'm still currently adding a few things to the site including data about the schools, and worlds. I promised a contest earlier today and here it is! In celebration of Spookybob visiting Wizard City this time of year, one of you can add this spooktacular creature to your pet collection!
    I'm also gonna throw in 2 more prizes of a Ghost Dragon and Nightmare pet! 3 Winners in total!
Goodluck everyone and thank you again for visiting my Wizardly sister site to Pirates-of-the-Spiral!

See you around the Spiral!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi everyone!
    Its Johnny! I wanted to share with you all my new blogging site alongside Pirates-of-the-Spiral! Yes I'm sure you already read it and its quite simple! Wizards-of-the-Spiral! Both Wizard101, and Pirate101 are set in the same worlds, but are very different and unique games. Sometimes I blogged Wizard101 posts over on Pirates of the Spiral and it just didn't feel right to me!
    So that is why I created WoTS! It will contain all information about Wizard101 and keep you updated with the current news! As you can see its a simple set up that is similiar if not identical to Pirates of the Spiral! Will be adding in information and other things a little at a time.
    You may be asking will this interfere with my blogging at Pirates-of-the-Spiral? No it won't be. I love both of these games equally and I feel they both need to be shared with the community. See you in the Spiral wizards!