Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Entering the World of Khyrsalis!

Hello Wizards!
    Today I will start showcasing each area in Khrysalis! I'll explain some background story on them, and then will share my thoughts on each! Let us begin with our first area, the Bastion!

    The Bastion is the main hub of this world! When you first use the Khrysalis spiral key, you appear here! When you first arrive, you will see a bug like creature ahead and she will ask who you are and whats your purpose. Knowing she is likely a friend of Morganthe's you have to lie and trick her like Ambrose told you.
    When you arrive you see the gate to go any further is locked. Zaltanna the bug who you first meet test's you first. She asks you to go into the Benighted Burrow behind you and defeat everything in one of tower dungeons. Once you return she allows you to pass which opens up more of the area to you! Up near the top you will notice waterfalls, this is where the Teleporters to each area will appear when you find one.
    I really like this area, the design and atmosphere is very different to past worlds. You are in Morganthe's world now. She has taken over and she has eyes everywhere! ;)
    After passing Zaltana's test, she tells you about a spy they have caught and to go talk with her sister Rose in the Tower up ahead to see if they have found anything out. When you reach the Tower, the prisoner asks for our help. Rose then engages Battle with you.
    After saving the prisoner, Dyvin Whitehart, He asks you to help him lock up Rose haha! When you meet him outside in the Bastion, he asks you to do him a favor and help him get his armor back that they took. You will then have to enter a small dungeon in the benighted burrow to find it. After a few battles, you will get them back and he can gear up before telling you to meet him in the next area, Silent Market!
Until then Wizards!

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