Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meeting Ambrose and Gamma!

Hello Wizards!
    Today I will be starting a brand new Wizard for the Wizard101 adventure series! We are magically teleported to an old man and his pet owl who say they need our help! Where are we and what adventures lie ahead?
    During the Tutorial, Ambrose will ask you to take a short test to determine which school of magic you will become! If you would like to pick the school yourself, simply click "skip" on the lower left hand corner. After creating your Wizard and choosing its looks, you will meet an evil Wizard named Malistaire in the Tower up ahead. Ambrose helps you get through your first battle in the game.
    After defeating the Draconians, Malistaire says he has gotten what he had come for and teleports away. Ambrose then gives you your Wand and Spell Book and tells you to meet him in his office to get you enrolled into Ravenwood School!

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