Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Idea for a new Hub World and Graduation from Ravenwood! (Levels 100-200)

 World Name: Ravenwood College

Type of World: The next level of teaching for Ravenwood School students from Wizard City. (Main World)

    Once you reach level 100, Headmaster Ambrose will call you to his office. He congratulates you on graduating from Ravenwood school. Your School teacher is also in his office and congratulates you and gives you a wand similiar to theres as a special gift.

    Ambrose goes on to talk about your next step. He tells you about Ravenwood College which is the school for graduated Ravenwood school students from Wizard City. It is located on the outskirts of Dragonspyre, (Dragonspyres magic College got destroyed just like their regular school from the Dragon titan.)

    He hands you the Spiral Key to your new school. Ambrose says he will meet you there. Your former teacher of course has to stay in Ravenwood to teach there new students. They thank you for being a great student and tell you that you are always welcome to visit their school again.
When you use the spiral door you are transported to the outside of a HUGE Castle. You see a bunch of Ravenwood Banners all over the walls of the castle. You also see banners of each school hanging above the doubledoor entrance to the castle.

    Merle is over by the entrance waiting for you. He wants to introduce you to his friend, the headmistress of the College. When you walk into the Castle you are in a huge entrance room. Checkered patter floors and Marble walls. Lots of paintings and Portraits hanging from the walls of past students you presume. You follow Ambrose to the left hall as you pass by students who are practicing their spells on eachother in the courtyard. Once you are at the end of the hall there is a statue of a Raven. Ambrose mutters the words "En Magus nos fides" Of course you know this as the Ravenwood Motto. He waves his staff when saying it and the statue moves and there is a stairway now revealed.

    When you follow him up the staircase you are now in the headmistresses office! Ambrose greets his old friend and then he introduces you to her. "Johnny this is Professor Ariella" You say hi and she congratulates you on graduating from Ravenwood in WC. Her walls are adorned just like the entrance hall, checkered floor with marble walls, she has a collection of her staffs on the right wall and tapestry's to different parts of the spiral on the left wall.
She hands you your new level 100 ravenwood robe and wand.

    Ambrose explains that when he left Avalon long ago with Gamma, While he discovered Ravenwood School and Wizard City, he met Ariella in Aquilla on his travels. She agreed to help him teach magic. While he stayed and teached magic in WC, Ariella would teach graduated students at the college with her own faculty she chose. Ambrose says his farewells and says you are always welcome to visit WC and thanks you for everything you have done for WC and him. (Regarding Malistaire and Morganthe)

    Ambrose then uses the Tapestry on the wall to WC and Headmistress Ariella tells you where your school of magics classroom is located and the professors name. "Ah you are a master of the Storm School yes? You will find your classroom on the opposite side of the castle 4th floor, near the Owl Statue." She hands you a map of the school and marks it. Go and meet Professor Thunderlucia, she is a great friend of Professor Balestrom back in there younger years. There are tons of new Divination spells you haven't learned yet. Balestrom only taught you the first couple of spells.

    She also tells you the location of your school's dorimitory is and marks it on your map.
Before leaving she welcomes you again and wishes you goodluck in your new travels and adventures while at the College. As you walk out of her magnificent office you look out the nearby window. You see a forest on the outskirts of the castle grounds, one side with dark clouds and the other half with sunshine.

    When you arrive at your classroom, your new professor greets you. She/he talks about the lessons your previous professor at WC taught you and then teaches you your first new spell! After that she gives you a school symbol marked egg with your new school pet. Since you are at a new school now they let you go explore the castle. "Dont get lost! There are many twists and turns, secret passages, and dangers if not prepared"

    As you are about to leave the classroom, Headmistress Ariella calls you back to her office, "Wizard we have trouble on the lose, please come to my office immediately!" [Oh boy this sounds JUST like Ambrose...] xD

(You now begin the 3rd Story ARC.)

The first 2 story arcs level 1-100 were Morganthe/Mali. Now a new baddie is on the lose! Who will it be? ;)

    As well as a new castle/school, there is a school points system, whichever ravenwood college school has the most points after each month, your school banners will be shown all over the grounds and castle for one day. There is a local town at the bottom of the mountain which you can buy all sorts of wizardy things.


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