Monday, October 21, 2013

Nightmare Pack Contest Winners!

 Hi everyone!
    Thank you to everyone who entered the "Create your own Halloween Mount" contest! At first I said there would be only 10 winners, but Id like to give 1 nightmare pack to everyone who entered! 14 people entered so all 14 will get 1 nightmare pack!
    Below is a video that shows the 3 lucky wizards who will recieve a code for 2500 crowns! It was a random draw between all 14 of you. If you are one of the winners in the video, you will recieve the crowns, not the pack! Goodluck! :)
    Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners! You will recieve an email from the email you sent your entry in from! The other 11 wizards who entered will recieve an email confirmation of your Nightmare Pack, please respond so we can meet up in-game and I can gift you your pack!
    Now for the good part of this post! I loved all of the cool ideas you guys sent in! Some great Halloween Mounts! Check em out everyone! (The pics are just an idea of what they are thinking of, they were not created by them.) (All credit goes to the owners of the pics)
How about a fire horse 40% speed , 1 person - Lory A.
This is my idea Gargoyle 1 seat, 50% speed - Naomi S.
Ghost Dragon, 40% speed, 4 seats(for friends)
Something like this - Ileana H.
I would like to see a spider mount ,1 passenger, 40% speed(or more) - Noemi
This is LucasLifeDust.
My idea is a Bat mount!!
It will be a 2-person mount
you can change it to certain colors
It goes 40% speed
It's animation is that it settles on the ground and screeches!!
The Barded Warhorse mount, details given below:
1. How the mount looks like is in the picture
2. The mount can not be dyed but its armor can be changed or bought at the crowns shop, making it different from the ones that your friends have.
3. This mount has a speed of 50% and it can be switched between on land or in mid-air by pressing the interacting button (x). It is a 2 person mount.
4.This mount would make a great sale because of its great looks and the mid air/on land function
5. Your friends can enjoy by riding on it with you (2 person mount).
Thats all i hope you like my entry, good luck to all others. - Mason Wiz
Hello Johnny!
My entry is going to be two epic ghouls carrying a carriage containing two passengers seats for two people to sit on! It's kind of the same thing like the Mander palanquin from the Pharoh's hoard pack. I will call it the DEATH OF THE GHOULS MOUNT. It will have awesome texture on it with dark colors on it with awesome glows.
- Hunter Darksword
The name of the mount is: Bat
Mount: It is a bat :)
the speed: 40%
Passengers it can hold: 2
-Diana Silverflame
Flying Black cat
I would like to see a black cat that can fly and it can hold 1 person.
And the speed of the Black cat is 35% ( yes, I know that there's only 20% and 40% speed mounts)
-Amber Blood
Mount: Vampire
Name: Vampire
Speed: 20%
passenger: 2
-Kestrel Myth
A two person, scarecrow mount. The two riders would sit on it much like how they would on the treant, but just on the cross beam that supports the scarecrows arms. It would be about the same size as Jack Hollow or scarecrow mobs. Same 40% speed as most other mount. - Aiden M.
Name: Umbra Mist Cloud
Speed: +40%
Passengers: 1
Look: Resembles the Arcus Cloud mount. It's a bit bigger. The colors of it would be a mix of black and grey. There would also be ashes/dust/etc coming off the bottom and surrounding the wizard's feet. - Alex Ashfinder
My mount idea would be called Spider Servant at the normal 40% speed. It would hold up to 6 passengers, one on each leg (it would be a 6 legged spider, lol). It would be a black spider with red dots on it's back. - Julia Dreamcaster
Mount name: Handoom (hand + doom)
Speed: 50% boost
Passengers: 4, one between each finger.
Looks: A giant hand engulfed in shadows emerging from the ground, with shadow wisps floating around it. When the wizard moves, the hand closes to hide the wizard, and a trail is left behind for 5 seconds - Cheyenne Pixieheart
Those are all of the entries! Thank you all for participating again! Remember to check your emails!
See you around the Spiral!

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