Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nightmare Pack Returns!

Greetings Wizards!
    Today Kingsisle released the Nightmare Pack! It is the same exact pack as the past 2 years but they have updated it again! It includes some really cool new gear that is based off dragons! It costs 299 crowns in the crown shop at the moment! Below will be some pics of what I recieved from it earlier today! To learn even more about the Nightmare pack, click here!
    Those are some of the items I recieved from this spooktacular pack! The last image is of Timothy Titan's collection of all the sets from the pack! I bet you all would love to try some of these packs out eh? Well good news for you! I will be giving out some Nightmare packs!
    To have a chance at winning a pack, simply send me an email to (Please get your parents permission if you are under the age of 13!) Your objective is to create your very own Halloween Mount!! Show all of the Spiral and Kingsisle what you would like to see as a mount next year and the years too come! Could you be thinking a Magical Pumpkin Carrage? A Headless horseman mount? (cuts your head off!) :D
    Send me the name of the mount, the speed, how many passengers it can hold, and describe what it looks like (You could also draw it if you would like or use photoshop etc..)! It has to be Halloween themed! I'll even throw in 3 crown prizes of 2500 crowns! After I recieve all of your entries, I will use a random generator to pick 10 winners! 3 winners will get 2500 crowns, and the 7 others will recieve a Nightmare pack! The deadline to entering is October 21st at midnight! 
Have an awesome evening everyone!

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