Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Silent Market

 Hello Wizards!
    Today we will be exploring the next area of Khrysalis! The Silent Market is the 2nd area you will be exploring during your adventure. Like the Bastion, it is currently gloomy and taken over by Morganthe's Umbra army! All of the Rat villagers have been turned into Crystal with their souls stuck inside. This is just a little bit of magic from Morganthe's Song of Creation.
    After helping Dyvim get his armor back in the Bastion, he will ask you to meet him in the Silent Market area. He explains to you that this place was once filled with happy burrowers. Dyvim shares with you that his people here have a secret contact here that has information on what Morganthe's plans are. He asks us to look for the coded message on one of the red sash's on the ground nearby.
    Once you find the message, Dyvim explains that the symbols on it means "Danger". The Message points us to the door ahead, "The War Room". The information inside is said to be guarded! A new system has arrived in this update called "Assistant's". This is when an NPC "joins" you during the battle. Now we aren't sure whether in the future they will actually join you in the battle and cast their own spells, but for now they give your Wizard a boost in stats! When Dyvim joins you (similiar to a companion in Pirate101) check out your stats! Now pick up your jaw and go fight that Boss!
    After defeating the Boss in the War Room, Dyvim finds the note from Cornelius in the room and shares to you what it says. After you read it, you go and talk to one of the crystals in the Market area. You get a little bit of background of what happened here. Dyvim then tells you we have to go find the Burrowers who escaped to the Moon Cliffs before getting changed into crystal like the others! But in order to enter Moon Cliffs we need the key to the gate!
    Thinking of who can help us, we realize the bug we defeated in the bastion during Zaltanna's test could help us out and he is right over near the market area! He lets us know that the Moon key is being held by a boss nearby. While you are here also, stop by Zeke and Eloise for their Training point quests! After you get the key its time to head to Moon Cliffs!

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