Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unicorn Way!

 Hi Everyone!
    The last time we left off on our new adventure, we had just met Headmaster Ambrose and His Pet Owl Gamma. I had chosen to learn and master the school of Ice! In this Post, we explore Unicorn Way and even visit Ravenwood! You will also meet my Ice Wizard's pet, and mount!
    After helping Ambrose in that Tower with Malistaire, we meet him in his Office! He has finally sorted out our Registration papers and asks us to go talk to the guard in front of Unicorn Way! When you walk out of his office, you will be shown the pop up above, it shows you all of the activities you can enjoy alongside Questing. Head out of Headmaster Ambrose's Yard and you will be in the Commons! This is the local passing area of Wizard City.
    I was lucky enough to breed an awesome Ice pet with thanks to alot of people in the community! Lucky has Spritely, Pain Giver, Ice Giver, Spell Proof 10%, and Spell Defy 5%! To top it off, he gives a Dragonblade Card! This is really useful especially for Ice Wizards since they do not train their Iceblade until early in the 4th Main World! (Yikes!) Last year around Christmas Time, the Yuletide Pack that was being sold had the Cool 2 person Winter Treant as a rare drop! He will be joining me in my "Icy" adventures! Fits the theme perfect!
    Look for Private Stillson on your Map in the Commons area (Press M to open Map) and head over to him! At first he says you cannot pass, but once you show him the letter Ambrose gave you, he lets you through but advises you to be careful! There are Ghosts and other dark creatures roaming around in here! Once inside Unicorn Way, You will see a vendor selling some things near the tents and opposite of that you will see Diego the Dueling Unicorn and his other Pvp Buddies standing near the entrance to the Arena! Up ahead will be Private Connely who you must talk to next!
    Right when you talk to him, you should level up for your very first time! Woot!! I'm a level 2 Ice nooby! :D He asks you to go help patrol the streets ahead and defeat 3 lost souls! Piece of cake! You did just beat 2 Draconians in that tower with Ambrose! The only cards you will have in your Magic Deck is your starting school spell, and some wand attacks that match your school. For me I have Frost Beetle, and Ice wand hits. After beating up some of the Ghouls, head back to Connely!
    Connely thanks you for your help, and tells you to go and talk an speak with Ceren Nightchant to see if he knows why Dark creatures are spreading around Unicorn Way. Ceren says he was sent here by Moolinda Wu, the life school professor to see if the rumors about the fairies were true. He asks a favor and wants us to defeat a couple of dark fairies! While you head towards the street area where you battled the Lost souls, there will be another lady, Olivia Dawnwillow who will ask you to defeat some of the skeletal warriors on the street. They have been breaking into the homes taking people's things!
    After defeating the Dark Fairies and Skeletal Warriors for Olivia and Ceren, go back and talk with them to earn some XP and Gold! Olivia thanks you, and Ceren says that the Fairies must be corrupted if us fighting them didn't turn them back into their normal form! He asks us to go talk to Lady Oriel, the Seraph located in the Hedge Maze at the end of Unicorn Way. Inside the Hedge Maze you will see what the Fairies are suppose to look like unlike the ones outside. Lady Oriel thanks you for coming to help figure out what is wrong with her fairies! She has you go and battle 3 of them outside and bring back the dust you collect after each battle to see what is wrong with them.

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