Saturday, October 26, 2013

Welcome to the World of Khrysalis!

Hello Wizards!
    Yesterday, Kingsisle opened up the Test Realm! Guess what we are testing? Khrysalis! A new world for level 90 wizards! In this post, I am going to go through everything! My opinion on the world, each area, the different types of races you find here and much much more! Kingsisle has said that this world is so big, they have had to split it into 2 parts. The first part was released, the second part is coming early 2014! Now lets learn about Morganthe's world wizards!
    If you are level 90, and have completed the Aztecan Quest, "Speaker for the Dead", go talk to Headmaster Ambrose and he will have a new adventure for you to embark on! The last we heard of him, he was preparing to bring the Council of Light back together! He asks you to go and speak with Inyaga Whitestripes in Zafaria, and King Artorious in Avalon to join the Council of Light!
    Inyaga agree's to help out however he can, since we saved Zafaria! When you ask King Artorious, he says he cannot leave Avalon, but will have the Lady of the Lake go in his place. He also gives you a cool new spell version of the Sword of Kings! Each school gets one, and they cost 8 pips to use! To see all of the spells, click on them above!
    After talking with the Lady of the lake, she agrees to help in place of the King! Ambrose thanks us for going and getting more help! He tells us, that the Spiral Key to Khrysalis was destroyed a long time ago, and that we have to forge a new one! Ambrose says that a small part of Khrysalis is still reachable! The Isle of Arachnis broke off Khrysalis and is reachable through Professor Greyrose's Ice Archway. Head over to the Ice tower after speaking with Greyrose to teleport to the Isle.
    When you reach the Island, you see a forge, and the Council of Light all around it. They only can be there in astral form though, because Morganthe has summoned an Umbra Barrier that prevents any of her old enemies she fought long ago out of Khrysalis!
    After speaking with all of the Council Members, we fight some of the remaining mobs on the island for remenants of Life Magic and Death Magic. We need these to forge the Khrysalis Spiral Key! Here is the boss on the Isle that holds the Death Magic Remenant! You can also see the King Artorius Storm Spell in it!

    After you have fought the Mobs for the Life seed, and the Boss for the Death remenant, you are ready to use the Diamond Forge! (Greyrose says she had Cyrus take it out of the Myth School's Basement haha)
    While you are forging the Khrysalis Spiral Key, The Council of Light members all focus with you lending you their power. After you've forged the key, Ambrose lets you know again that they cannot physically go with you since Morganthe's Penumbra Barrier - But they can visit you in Astral form giving you advice! He then tells you to go into Bartleby's chamber and use the new spiral key to finally enter the World of Morganthe's Shadow Web - Khrysalis!
What will happen next wizards?
Stay tuned!

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