Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi everyone!
    Its Johnny! I wanted to share with you all my new blogging site alongside Pirates-of-the-Spiral! Yes I'm sure you already read it and its quite simple! Wizards-of-the-Spiral! Both Wizard101, and Pirate101 are set in the same worlds, but are very different and unique games. Sometimes I blogged Wizard101 posts over on Pirates of the Spiral and it just didn't feel right to me!
    So that is why I created WoTS! It will contain all information about Wizard101 and keep you updated with the current news! As you can see its a simple set up that is similiar if not identical to Pirates of the Spiral! Will be adding in information and other things a little at a time.
    You may be asking will this interfere with my blogging at Pirates-of-the-Spiral? No it won't be. I love both of these games equally and I feel they both need to be shared with the community. See you in the Spiral wizards!

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