Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hive Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    A new mystery bundle has appeared in the Spiral! Cattalicious on Wizard101Central posted pictures of the new "Hive Bundle" on this thread. The pictures above are hers so if you want to use them, please give her credit. We do not know much about this bundle since it isn't officially announced yet.
    Comes with a Bee themed Khrysalis house, "Stinger Armor" that resembles a bee, A bee mount, bee pet, and a slingshot weapon! Epic! :D Seems there is a dragonfly ride feature in the house that lets you ride it around the area. Pretty cool! The word is that it is a Gamestop bundle for 39$ like past ones. If your going to Gamestop soon, be sure to look for it!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Touring Ravenwood School of Magic!

    After saving Unicorn Way from the Evil Rattlebones, and recieving a healing spell from Lady Oriel, we went back to Ambrose to tell him what had happened! He thanks us for all of our help and reminds us that with all of the trouble going on, that we had forgotten to visit Ravenwood and meet all of the Professor's! At the end of Unicorn Way we had reached Level 5, so before we head into the Ravenwood Tunnel, I just want to show you what gear updates I have given my Wizard!

    Most of the Gear above can still be purchased in the Crown shop, The only thing that has been retired is the Royal Tunic of the Blade. It was one of my early purchases when I first started playing Wizard101 back in 2008! I also snagged a Swooping Necklace Amulet to help me one hit enemies easier! The Lightning Bats Spell is perfect for just that! The Ascendant Staff is great for new wizards you create, as it comes with an extra pip at the start of battle! All of this equipment together really boosted my Stats a lot! 30 resistance to every School, and 14 damage to Ice! :D
    Ok, now that your all caught up, lets go explore Ravenwood! We get to meet our Ice Teacher which is the School that I chose, and all of the other school teachers!

    Let me know who your favorite Ravenwood Teacher is and why below in the comments! One lucky winner will win a Heartsteel athame, perfect for boosting your resist by 5%!