Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kingsisle grants another Make-a-wish visit!

Good Morning Wizards!
    Last night, Prof Greyrose hinted at a new special quest in the update notes for the maintenance. You can check them out here! "Say hi to Allan Ghostdust and Lord Snoopie while you are there!" I went to twitter and theorized what it was about! Then I received a tweet from @KevinLifecaster who said it was his brothers wizard! @AllanGhostdust had his make a wish granted by Wizard101! Woot woot!
    I love reading stories like this, remember when Pirate101 granted Ryan's wish? Now we can see Allan's wish granted by KI! They made him his own poster which has his wizard, his teacher Falmea, and his pet, Lord Snoopie included in it. It was signed by all of the staff at the bottom and the Doodle Master Jeff Toney made a cool Wizard doodle of his Wizard/Pet! Greyrose hinted at an awesome prize with Allan's quest in Khrysalis so lets go check it out!

    As you can see, they let Allan is now a secret agent of the Council of Light! :) If ya have Twitter, make sure you go and say hi to Allan! Woot woot! KI just released the story here if you want to go check it out!

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