Thursday, December 12, 2013

Susie where art thou?

Hello Wizards!
    Today on our adventure, we walk through the stormy gates of Triton Avenue in Olde Town! The Guard told us to find someone named Susie Gryphonbane who needed some help. Walking through the streets, its very stormy out and water flowing through the street indents. Up ahead near the pathway leading down, we see a Storm Wizard by the name Susie!
    Susie lets us know that Artur, her brother is missing was last seen in Haunted Cave at the end of Triton Ave. We make our way there and enter the creepy cave! We take a few steps in and *gasp* we see Artur's Wand on the ground broken in half! We track down a death wizard who was one of Malistaire's best students when he taught at Ravenwood. He help us figure out where Susie's little brother is after we help him defeat some of the creatures around the streets! Malistaire must have been here to cause trouble! There are death creatures roaming the streets! Ghouls and Banshee!
    After talking to Duncan, we head back up to Susie and tell her that it is the Harvest Lord who has her brother! Who is the Harvest Lord and can we save Arthur? Lets go!
    Once we finish defeating the Harvest Lord, Artur thanks us for saving him and tells us to go tell his sister that he is ok! Susie thanks us for helping her save her brother and asks us to inform Headmaster Ambrose the dangers that are roaming around Triton Avenue. Before we leave, we help the local farmer on the mountain to re-activate his teleporter that links him and his friend over on the other side. Once fixed we defeat the Mighty Kraken below who is causing problems with the mill!
    After talking to Ambrose, he asks us to check out the 2 other streets remaining in Olde Town, Firecat Ally, and Cyclops Lane! Before we head out for more adventure, Professor Greyrose summons us to her office to learn a new Spell and also go out on a quest for her! Lets see what it is all about!

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