Friday, January 31, 2014

Burn baby burn!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our adventure, we helped Nolan Stormgate rescue some students from General Akilles on Cyclops Lane! Today we are going to explore Firecat Alley, the final street in Olde Town.
    Sergeant Muldoon tells us his friend, Private Quinn needs assistance. When we reach Firecat Alley, you will notice Fire elves and snowmen made of lava roaming around. Once at Private Quinn he explains what is going on. Some of the Fire elves were suppose to meet up with Quinn, but never showed up. He asks us to go visit the Fireglobe Theatre where they live, to see if anything has happened.
    When you reach the Theatre, you notice that the Fire elves Quinn is speaking of is no where to be seen. Once back to him, he realizes the danger of what is going on. He shares a story with us that once a fire elf by the name of Feebo saved his life with his arrow. Feebo said they were now friends forever because fire elves magic connects everything they touch. Quinn then gets an idea to go and defeat some of the evil fire elves roaming around the streets to collect their arrows to see what is going on!
    After collecting a few arrows, return to Quinn and he comes to the conclusion that the elves have been cursed. He wants you to bring them to Gretta Darkettle, a retired professor who lives in Firecat Alley who use to teach Alchemy at Ravenwood. Gretta looks at the arrows and says she will be able to see what is going on, but needs a charred knife first from one of the Magma Men on the street. Once you have collected it, head back and she will sprinkle magic dust on the Charred Knife and the Arrows. "Aha! The elves have been cursed by a Banshee's wail!"
    When you return to Quinn with the news, he recalls a Banshee by the name of Bastilla Gravewynd causing trouble at the end of Firecat Alley. This must be the one who cursed the fire elves! We have to go and battle her for a piece of her hair so Gretta can break the curse.

    Once we collect the piece of her hair, we rush back to Gretta and she burns the lock of hair over a white candle. She says that the melted wax will break the curse on the fire elves! Private Quinn takes the melted wax and mixes it with a potion so we can go give it to the fire elves roaming around the street. Of course we must battle them first to get them to slow down and then give them the potion. After healing most of them on the street, we head to Fireglobe Theatre, where Prince Alicane, the leader of the fire elves is.
    After defeating Prince Alicane, we have finally cured all of the cursed Elves and all is well in Firecat Alley again! Private Quinn thanks us for our help and Feebo even shows up to thank us. We go back to the Commons to tell Headmaster Ambrose all that had happened and tells us that Malistaire must be the one causing all the trouble on different streets to mislead us of what his real plan is! Until next time Wizards!

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