Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cyclops ahead!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our adventure, we had saved Susie Gryphonebane's brother from the mighty Harvest Lord on Triton Avenue. Today we are venturing off to the next street in Olde Town that needs our help, Cyclops Lane!
    Sergeant Muldoon asks us to go and visit Nolan Stormgate who has been asking for some students help with the Cyclops who are getting out of hand. It turns out that Professor Cyrus Drake, the Myth teacher has asked Nolan to recover some old ancient artifacts of the Death School that have resurfaced in the Dark Cave nearby.
    After you collect the Runed Skull from inside the cavern, Nolan will have you look for clues as to where the other students that were helping him went. He thinks something may have happened to them since he hasn't heard back at all. Lets see if the Trolls know where they went!
    Once we had defeated some of the Trolls roaming around the street, we discovered a mystery letter that one of them had. We bring it back to Nolan and he realizes that the letter is written by a Cyclops because they never dot their "i's". It is also addressed to "M". He reads the letter which tells us that the Students that were helping him earlier have been Kidnapped by the Cyclops! We bring the letter to Cyrus to see how we can help and he sends us to the robe store in Wizard City?
    We enter the Store and Victor the Robe Keeper hands us a bag? He tells us its Professor Drakes Laundry. ~_~' Once back at the Myth School Cyrus stops kidding around and gives us a letter to give to Headmaster Ambrose. Little do we know that the letter tells him to expel us! What is his problem?! :P Ambrose takes our side and tells us that General Akilles is responsible for this, he was suppose to take care of the Trolls on Cyclops Lane but went back on his word.
    We hurry back to Cyclops Lane and tell Nolan what Ambrose said. We then devise a plan to get into General Akilles Palace. Nolan suggests getting a Gate Pass from the Minotaurs roaming near the Palace. After we collect the Pass we hand it to the Guard and he allows us to go inside! Will General Akilles release the Kids?

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