Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Hello Wizards!
    For today only, Kingsisle is placing the Dragon Hoards Pack back in the Crown Shop! Try your luck at this pack for some awesome Dragon Riders Gear, Double Handed Blade, and the epic Bone Dragon Mount. Check out my Twitter (@Jcentral1) later today! I will be asking some Trivia questions and the winners will receive a Dragon Hoard Pack. Also if you haven't already, enter the Archangel Gear Contest we are holding, it will be ending tonight!
Good luck!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Test Realm is Open!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today, Wizard101 opened up the Test Realm! They have added some cool new features and we urge you all to test them out! This TR does not include Khrysalis Part 2. But do not worry they let us have another sneak peek at it!
    First up, W101 has changed the Fire Elf Spell's damage output. Before it was 50 + 210 over 3 rounds, now it is 100 + 210 over 3 rounds. They also added in new animations for the Fire Elf while still keeping the one from Live Realm.

    Above is the Live realm vs Test realm view of one of the new animations where the elf stays on the ground and shoots arrows at the enemy. Also they have enhanced Fire Wizards Health from Levels 1-15 for balance purposes.
    2 Awesome new features are "Team Up" and the "Dungeon Recall" options! If you are at any of the Major Dungeons in the game and would like to search for a team, click team up button at the entrance and the game will search for other Wizards who are looking also! [In different Realms from you too!]
    Also now when you are in a dungeon and need to leave to go refill on potions etc, click the commons button refill! Now you will see a new button near your compass that will teleport you back into the Dungeon without having to start all over! Below is a video showing both of the new features! Go test them out, if you find anything strange make sure to report it!

    Finally for the moment you have all been waiting for, another sneak peek at Khrysalis Part 2! This time, they gave us a concept photo of Crescent Beach! Looks cool eh? To read ALL of the Details about this Test Realm click here!
Happy Adventuring Wizards!
Be sure to enter the Archangel Contest if you haven't already!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Archangel Gear Contest!

Hello Wizards!
    With the new Archangel Gear being out, I thought I would raffle off 2 pairs! All you gotta do is enter the Rafflecopter below! Simple as that! Try your luck, maybe you will be one of the lucky winners! The Raffle deadline is Friday, the 28th! Good luck to all who enter!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we defeated the Leader of the Grendel's in Grizzleheim, Skellek. Now that we are back on our original adventure, we continue to look for the Ancient Krokonomicon. Sergeant Talbot from Krokotopia said that It was taken to the world of Marleybone. After filling up our potions and selling our loot from Grizzleheim for some gold we use the MB Spiral Key!
    Once we enter through the door, we know that we are now in the world of Marleybone! Sergeant Talbot told us to find a soldier here named, Private Kinchley. He will be straight ahead of you when you arrive using the key. Kinchley salutes you and tells us he is under order to direct us wherever we need to go. He also gives us a new potion bottle! 3 now woot! We ask him about the Sarcophagus that the Krokonomicon is in and he tells us to go visit the Museum Curator in Town.
    After stepping out of the Church, you enter Reagent's Square. Straight ahead you can see the Clocktower which is where you will find the Museum. Before going there though, stop by and talk to Zeke in the middle of town. He needs our help again finding some Stray cats! Make sure to finish up your Krokotopian Zeke Quest if you haven't already! Check out some of the stores around here also to upgrade your gear.
    Once you are done exploring around town, enter the Marleybone Museum! Inside you will find tons of Krokotopian artifacts behind glass cases and others out on display. You also see the Sarcophagus holding the Krokonomicon! Clancy Pembroke, the museum curator is standing near a display. When you tell him about the Krokonomicon, he says the sarcophagus is still being processed, and that we cannot see it. He will make an exception only if Mayor Pimsbury allows it.
    Find the entrance to Digimoore Station on your map to find the mayor! We tell him about the Krokonomicon and he assures us that the safest place for it in all of MB is the museum. He lets us know that the Museum is protected by most magic. Unfortunately the mayor tells us that the local streets are having trouble with some uprising gangs.
    He isn't letting anything come out of the Museum until the street threats have been dealt with. He makes a deal with us and tells us that if we help with the street problems then he will let us see the sarcophagus. The mayor tells us to go speak with Sherlock Bones who is investigating the O'Leary Gang.
    When we speak to Sherlock, he tells us that something very bad is going around the City. He has deduced that the O' Leary's are behind it, but must be working for someone else. He tells us if we want to help to go and speak with Ms. Conrail one of his old friends. She is located in Hyde Park, so we will need to get a ticket and ride the Air Balloon to the area. Will we find out who is behind all the trouble in Marleybone?
Until then wizards!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Grendels of Grizzleheim!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we returned to Grizzleheim and saved Einar the blacksmith from Shattertusk the leader of the boars. The whole reason we came to Grizzleheim in the first place was to talk to the King for Ambrose, but we have to prove ourselves to be a warrior first.
    After saving Einar, Hagan thanks us and tells us that in defeating Shattertusk, our fame will spread quickly, becoming a hero of Grizzleheim. Now that we are in Hagan's band, his enemies will become our enemies. The evil race of Grendel's have taken over the fort of Draugarth in the far end of Savarstaad Pass. Hagan asks us to go speak with the Spirits of the Warriors at the fort to learn more about the evil beasts.
    The first spirit we talk to is Aevar The Swift. He was one of the warriors that fought the Grendels when they attacked the fort. They were winning the battle during daylight, but once they went to sleep, the Grendels climbed the walls and attacked them as they slept. Aevar explains that its called "Draugarth" the home of the dead now.
    The next spirit we talk to is Rethel The Fierce. He shares a story about the Grendels. "It is said that the First Mother of all the Grendels went to all things in the world and begged them to swear oaths to never harm her child." The mother went in disguise as and old woman, all things agreed not to harm her children except spiders. The Spider Queen said no because spiders are evil and they love to harm things. The first Grendels cannot be harmed by any force. The only thing that can harm them are the spiders.
    The final spirit we talk to is Soren The Wise. Soren was the blacksmith of Fort Draugarth. He explains that his finest weapons were not enough to win the battle. Their axes shattered, bent against the most powerful Grendel. He goes on and tells us that he will help. Soren wants to show us how to make a weapon with the venom of spiders. A blade that will defeat the Grendels.
    When we return to Hagan, he tells us to talk with Einar so he can help us make the Blade. Einar says he will teach us how to make it, but he needs his tools. A boar named Bloodseeker stole them. You can find him in the cavern near the boar camp. After taking back his tools, Einar has us go collect some materials we need for the blade.
    For the metal of the Blade, he says we need to collect lots of "Peat". Peat is rotten mud that can be found in Webwood up ahead. While we are there we have to collect some Spider Ichor by defeating some of the spiders. When we return, Einar starts heating up the Peat. While he is doing that, he asks us to go and collect the stinger of the Spider Queen Skathi. If he has it, he can craft it into the blade with the Spider Ichor and the Grendals will perish from it like the ancient oaths said.

    After we defeat the Spider Queen, we bring the stinger back to Einar and he creates the blade for us! He tells us that for the final steps, we need to get it thrice blessed. By three ancient spirits.
    The first spirit we seek is the one by the Waterfall in Hagan's camp. A water spirit named Whispertide appears and blesses our Sword with the grace of water. The second spirit we visit is the one at the campfire. Stormglare appears and blesses our sword with the Flame of Courage. The last spirit we seek is in the Woods near the Boar Camp.

    After our Sword is complete and thrice blessed, we return to Hagan and he tells us we are ready! We should first battle some of the smaller Grendels first so they do not distract us with our fight with their leader, Skellek.
    Once we defeat a couple of the smaller Grendels outside. We try to enter the Fort to confront Skellek, but the door has been sealed with Powerful Magic by a Grendel Shaman named Thulin. The only way in is if you have a runic talisman in your possession. Aevar the Swift points you into the direction of the Cavern Thulin hides in.

    Once we recieve the Talisman, we go back to Hagan and tell him that we are now ready to confront Skellek. It's time to defeat the leader of the Grendels once and for all!

    After the leader of the Grendels has fallen, Hagan thanks us for everything we have done for him and his camp. He says our battle with Skellek echoed across all of Grizzleheim and we are a hero. He says he would be honored if we joined Bjorn's band and will give good word about us to Bjorn when he sees him later.
    We go back to Bjorn near the Kings Fort and he says word is spreading everywhere of our heroic deeds. But we are still not allowed to meet the King. Bjorn tells us to go back to our homeland and continue on our adventures. He is sure we will be back to Grizzleheim in the future and maybe then we can meet the King! Off to Marleybone we go Wizards!
Until then!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Returning to Grizzleheim!

 Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we defeated Queen Krokopatra in the Temple of Storms! We stopped her from raising more Tuts from the dead to take over Krokotopia. We are now directed by Sergeant Talbot to go to Marleybone to get the Krokonomicon. Ambrose has other plans for us first though. He calls us to his office immediately.
    Remember the world of Grizzleheim we visited earlier in our quests when we met Baldur in Olde Town? Ambrose wants us to go visit again via the Spiral Door! He hands us the Spiral Key and tells us that we need to make powerful friends during these "dark" times. Our objective is to speak with the King. Well then off we go!
    Once we use the Grizzleheim Spiral Key we step back into the world we once visited by boat with Baldur. The only difference now from back then is that more areas are now open! Exploring time woot woot. Lets go see the King like Ambrose asked us.
    When we walk up to the King's Castle Doors, we are greeted by Bjorn Ironclaws. He asks why we have come to Grizzleheim and we explain to him that Ambrose sent us to talk to the King. Bjorn tells us that the king just doesn't talk to anyone who asks, he only talks to great warriors. Bjorn himself is a great warrior of Grizzleheim and says he will personally let us meet the King if we can prove ourselves.
    Bjorn tells us to go and speak with Hagan Shieldbreaker in Savarstaad Pass by the river. Hagan is his Sword Brother and will teach us the ways of a great warrior. Head down the path to the right and make your way over the bridge to the entrance of Savarstaad Pass!
    Find Hagan in the Tree Stump house near the camp. He asks why you have come and we tell him that Bjorn sent us to be tested to see if we are worthy enough to join the band. The first test is to defeat some Troubled Warriors in the burial ground up ahead.
    Once we return to Hagan, he tells us that he heard the Warriors Howls back at the campsite when we were fighting them. He goes on to explain that a hero is nothing without reputation. Next he tells us to go back into the burial ground to Yngvar Sharptooth's mound. We need to convince him we are worthy heir to his reputation.

    After winning praise from Yngvar, Hagan wants you to go to a nearby camp of Splithoof barbarians. He says when they get daring enough, they come to harass villagers and steal from them. Lets go teach them hogs a lesson! :P
    Hagan thanks us for defeating some of the troublesome boars and tells us we are becoming quite the hero around here. Bjorn ordered a blacksmith named Einar to come to the camp and tend to the weapons and armor. He is late and Hagan thinks he has been captured by the boars. Head back to their camp and defeat a couple for the Key to Einar's cell.

    Hagan and Einar thank us for all of our help around Camp. Hagan says that when we joined their band, their enemies became our enemies. The Grendels deep within Savarstaad Pass are causing trouble and we need to find a way to stop them and their leader. Problem is the Grendel Fort is protected by dark magic. What will we do to get in?
Until next time Wizards!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Tomb of Storms!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventure, we stormed into the Emperor's Retreat hoping to find Krokhotep with the Krokonomicon. Sadly he betrayed the Order and gave it to Queen Krokopatra who resides in the Temple of Storms. She plans on summoning up more Tuts with it so we must quickly put a stop to it!
    When we return to the mainland in Krok, we ask Sergeant Talbot if he knows a way to the Temple of Storms He warns us that it is a very dangerous place and we receive a new Spell for finishing the Krokosphinx! Steal Ward! It is a 2 pip spell that lets us steal an enemies shield. Talbot tells us that a mander named Hetch Al 'Dim has been researching how to summon the entrance to the Temple.
    When we meet up with Hetch, he tells us that we need the 3 golden scarabs to summon the portal. He has one, and we have 2 from earlier. Hetch gives us his and we light up all of the pillars to see the portal emerge from the sands.
    When we enter the gloomy tomb, we meet the spirit of Krokhotep. He wants to help us and apologizes for betraying the Order. With the Krokonomicon Krokopatra can summon tuts from the graves to serve her as an army to take over Krokotopia. Krokhotep tells us that to gain access to her lair, we need a 2 part Cipher. The first one is deep inside the Ahnic Tomb.

    Once we defeat King Uro and take the 1st part of the Cipher, we head back to Krokhotep and he tells us that the 2nd piece of the cipher is located in the opposing families tomb. Deep inside the Djeserit tomb. King Shemit Djeserit has it.

    After getting the 2nd piece of the cipher from King Shemet, Krokhotep tells us that Queen Krokopatra's Palace is locked and the only key to it is being guarded by princes in the Karanahn Palace. We venture past the barracks and enter the Palace!

    After defeating all of the princes and taking the key to the Temple of Storms, Krokhotep thanks us for all we have done so far. Now the final test is to confront Krokopatra in her lair and hopefully take back the Krokonomicon! Before we enter the final dungeon, Professor Greyrose calls us back to the school to learn a new spell! Frost Wyvern is our new 4 pip attack spell! Fill up our potions and here we go!

    We find out that Krokopatra put the Krokonomicon in a Krok Soul Casket that ended up being brought to Marleybone for their Museum. Krokhotep thanks us for all of our help, especially stopping the Tuts from taking over Krok. We gain the Frostbite spell for finishing Krok! Awesome.
    We tell Sergeant Talbot about the Krokonomicon and he tells us to go visit the Museum in Marleybone. He hands us the Spiral key and we add it to the other 2 we have. What mysteries and adventures lie ahead?
Until then Wizards!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Emperor's Retreat!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off, we had just recovered the ancient golden fang from the Vault of Ice! Shalek told us that the reason why they cast the great sleep on the Tuts in the first place is because The Krokonomicon was stolen from the order. He tells us that Krokhotep, the Ruler of the Sphinx was the last one that had it in his possession. Krokhotep is hiding in the Emperor's Retreat, lets go see if he still has it!

    After we learn that Krokhotep gave the Krokonomicon to Queen Krokopatra, Shalek is very disappointed that a member from the Order would do such a thing. With Krokopatra wielding the Krokonomicon and the power to summon more Tuts, we need to find a way to her lair, the Temple of Storms. Shalek tells us to meet him and the rest of the Order in the Balance School.
    Alhazred thanks us for everything we did in the Krokosphinx and reuniting the Order. All of the members give us a golden scarab as a symbol of our entry into the Order of the Fang. They say they will look over Krokotopia while we go find Krokopatra in the Temple of Storms. "Sergeant Talbot may know a way to her Island"
Until then Wizards!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Vault of Ice

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we explored the Grand Arena in the Krokosphinx looking for Khai Amahte The Great. We were tested by the champions of the Arena before we could speak with Amahte. After we told Khai what was going on with the Tuts wanting to take over Krokotopia again, he agreed to help the Order of the Fang.
    Shalek the Wise told us of an ancient magical artifact locked away in the Vault of Ice. The Golden Fang has the ability to give tremendous power to any Krok that holds it. We need to get it before it gets into the wrong hands.

    When we have the Fang, Shalek tells us that the Great Sleep was cast upon the Tuts because the Krokonomicon was stolen. He apologizes for misleading us thinking the Order still had it. Shalek tells us that the last person who had it in their possession was Krokhotep the Ruling Tut of the Sphinx. Will we ever get this dangerous book back?
Until next time Wizards!

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Grand Arena!

 Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we helped General Khaba in the Hall of Champions gain his strength back since the great sleep! In order to learn more about the Order of the Fang, The balance teacher, Professor Alhazred has sent us on a mission in the Krokosphinx to reunite all of the members. Shalek tells us that next we must venture off into the Grand Arena behind him to find Khai Amahte.

    Before we go on to explore the unknown in the Grand Arena, Professor Greyrose has summoned us to her office once again! What task will she assign us to now?

    Sweet! Ice Armor is a great Ice spell that uses all of the pips you have at that moment and gives you a shield. (absorbs 125 damage per pip) So if I had lets say 5 regular pips, the shield would absorb 625 incoming damage before hitting us. We fill up our potions, sell our bag full of goodies from the Hall of Champions at the bazaar, and head back to Krokotopia!
    Shalek tells us that the Order is nothing without its fearless warrior, Khai Amahte the Great. He tells us to go find Ako the Mander in the Grand Arena to see if he has found Khai yet. When we find Ako he says that Khai is in the Colosseum fighting, but manders aren't allowed in. He tells us that we should sneak in as a gladiator, but first we will need the Mark of the Gladiator from one of the Sokkwi roaming around the halls.
    Once we receive the Mark of the Gladiator from one of the Sokkwi guards, Rami gives us the gear he found while we were gone. With the gear and mark, we can sneak into the Colosseum without being noticed. He tells us to go and speak with the Arena Master Merikara.
    When you enter the enormous arena, you will see him straight ahead. He laughs at us asking to battle Khai the Amahte. He wants to test us first. We fight some Sokkwi rippers near him and then he challenges us to fight the Great Sun Bird.

    After we defeat the first challenge, the Arena Master wants us to battle the great Krag Stonechin. But Krag will only battle us if we bring him fresh spider eyes. So we go to the end of the arena and battle some of the Ice spiders, then head to Krag's chamber!

    Once Krag is defeated, we head back to the Arena Master to see if he lets us speak to Khai. Nope! This time he wants us to battle Bort Malletmane to prove we are a champion. Bort will only agree to challenge us if we defeat 2 sand stalkers roaming in front of his chamber first. Lets get to it!

    Bort falls to our Ice magic, and hopefully next we will get to meet the Great Khai Amahte! Nope! Lol, the Arena Master has one last challenger for us before we meet Khai. He says the crowds love that we are dueling all of the top contendors in the arena. The last challenger will be the undefeated Krok champion, Itenu Sokkwi!

    Finally after defeating Itennu, The Arena Master grants us access to meet Khai! Head through the hallway in the Grand Arena, it connects to another area. Up ahead will be a door to the Trophy Room where Khai resides.

    Now that we have Khai rejoining the Order of the Fang, Shalek will now tell us more about the Order. He tells us that there is a ancient artifact called the Golden Fang. It is locked in the Vault of Ice above, and offers tremendous power to any Krok that has it in their possession. He warns us that we have to go get it before the Tuts do!
Until then!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mysteries of the Krokosphinx!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our adventures, we explored deeper into the Mysterious Pyramid of the Sun. While trying to find the Order of the Fang, we defeated the notorious Nirini Brothers and the great Krokenkahmen! The order wasn't hiding in the Pyramid of Sun but we did find their secret hideout! It's somewhere on the Island of Krokosphinx! Lets go explore it!
    Before we can go to Krokosphinx we need to find a way there! Sergeant Talbot allows us to use one of the ferries they set up just before the Kroks attacked. Before we go there though, we return to Ravenwood in Wizard City to visit Greyrose since she called us for a new spell! Tower Shield defends 50% from any schools incoming spells! Great to have! Fill up the potions and we meet a Blue Mander in front of the Ship. He sails us to the Island of Krokosphinx! Woot woot!
    When we arrive at the Island, we see a big tree like the ones we saw in Ravenwood. This one happens to be Niles, the Balance School Tree! He can teach you helpful spells, like elemental blades/spiritual blades and their traps. In the middle of the island, there is a hole in the ground with a ladder sticking out. This leads to the Balance School! Unlike the other Schools that are all in Ravenwood this one is in Krok! Professor Alhazred is the real Balance teacher, which will train you all of the spells if you are a balance wizard.
    It turns out that Prof Alhazred is part of the Order of the Fang! We tell him the story about Malistaire seeking the Krokonomicon. He says he hasn't seen Malistaire around but knows why he would seek such a powerful artifact. Before he shares more with us, he says we have to earn his trust, and tells us to seek out Shalek in the Krokosphinx.
    When we enter the Sphinx we step into a huge hall. Shalek is up ahead and wants us to reunite the Order of the Fang. To do this we must first go seek out General Khaba who was said to be fending off the Kroks back in the day when the Order cast the sleep spell on them. He lets us know that a mander named Rami may know where he is.
    When we reach Rami in the Hall of Champions, we first take a quick snooze on that lovely hammock! ;) *see pic above* Now back to business! Rami warns us that the Evil Tuts in the area are searching for General Khaba as well. He asks us to defeat some of the Sphinx Sokkwi roaming the halls. The majority of enemies on the Krokosphinx are going to be Ice which stinks for me since I'm ice! But not to worry the Ice converts come in handy here!
    Once we have defeated enough Kroks, Rami thanks us and says General Khaba is still safe. Before we can talk to him though, we need the Seal of the Fang. Rami says the evil Tut Nekhbet took it before the great sleep. Lets go get it!

    After we recover the seal, Rami tells us that General Khaba is hiding in the Treasure Room up ahead. When Khaba see's the seal we have, he is shocked. He wants to know what has been going since his great slumber. We catch him up on all that has been happening with the Tuts reawakening all around Krok to take over again. He tells us that a Soul Scavenger stole his Coin of Destiny which weakened him greatly. We gotta go get it back for him!

    Once we safely get the coin back to Khaba, he says he can already feel his power returning to him. Now he just needs his prized sword that he gave to Rami for safekeeping before the great slumber. Little does Khaba know that Rami only has the Scabbard to his Weapon. This means we are going to have to forge a new weapon for him!
    First he needs a few Ice shards from the Glacial Avengers in the area. After you defeat them and collect some, he will need 4 spider carapace from the Grand Arena which is behind Shalek back at the entrance to the Sphinx. Next he will need 10 gemstones scattered around the Hall of Champions to magnify the blades power. Finally the Manders strolling the area has leather straps Khaba needs to wrap around the hilt of the blade.
    Now that we have all of the parts to the blade, we need to use the Frozen Forge to create the General's weapon. Odji Sokkwi guards it, but first we must get a key to his lair from one of his guards, the Sokkwi Crushers!

    General Khaba thanks us for all of our help, especially getting his weapon back. He says we have gained the Order of the Fangs trust, and that with us on their side, they will never fail. He wants us to go tell Shalek that he is ready to lead the fight once again against the Tuts!
Until next time!