Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ancient Sands of Krokotopia!

 Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our adventures, we saved Wizard City from the evil Lord Nightshade who was taking orders from Malistaire! Headmaster Ambrose gave us a key to the ancient world of Krokotopia, where he thinks Malistaire went for an ancient book. Before heading to use Bartleby's spiral door, make sure you finish finding all of the smiths around Wizard City for Zeke! What lies behind the door when we use this key?
    When we enter the doorway we step into the ancient world of Krokotopia! The first person we meet here is Tinu Bhak'mal. He greets us as we come out of the Spiral Door and warns us that we are visiting at a very dark time. Ever since Malistaire visited, the ancient Tuts have raisen from their graves and are trying to take over Krokotopia.
    Tinu tells us to go outside and speak with Sergeant Major Talbot if we want to help get rid of the problems Malistaire has caused. Major Talbot greets us when we enter the sandy dunes from the pyramid we were just in. We ask him if he knows anything about the Order of the Fang, and he mentions that a professor studying in the Sun pyramid up ahead has said that before. Before going off to the Pyramid he hands us a new potion bottle and we head over to visit Zeke again for his new quest!
    Zeke is now looking for Scarab Beetles that are scattered all over Krokotopia. If we find them all he will give us another Training point! Once your done exploring all of the shops and other neat things outside, head towards the Pyramid of Sun! Inside you will meet Professor Winthrop. It turns out that he was researching the Order of the Fang right before all of the Tuts came back to life. Before the Kroks attacked him and his team found an obelisk that has ancient markings describing the Order of the Fang. He asks us to go and find the rubbings on the obelisk in the royal hall near the dig site.
    Be careful when you enter the Royal Hall, its filled with Manders and Evil Kroks that will attack. Make your way to the Dig site and find the Obelisk Pillar the Professor was speaking about. Collect the rubbings and return back to him!
    He then translates the rubbings and tells us that the Order of the Fang is a secret group of Krokotopian Wizards who wrote the magical book Krokonomicon. It is all about Life and Death Magic. He says while he was running from the Krok attack earlier, he saw their leader in the royal hall, Biti Nirini take an ancient tablet and run off with it. We need the key to his lair, one of the krok soliders will have it.
    After you recieve the key for Biti Nirini's Chamber, Professor Winthrop asks us to go and defeat him. He needs the tablet Biti took to figure out how all of this mess happened.

    Now that we have the Tablet, Professor Winthrop reads what it says and shares with us that the Order of Fang opposed the Evil Tuts. They used the Ancient Krokonomicon to put them to sleep. Prof says he found an area in the pyramid where he thinks we can learn more about the Order of the Fang to ask them where the Krokonomicon is but its in an area we cannot access right now. We need to find the key for it!
Until next time!

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