Monday, February 3, 2014

Brrrgh its cold in here!

 Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our magical adventure, we had just finished helping Private Quinn on Firecat Alley. Ok so that is Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Triton Avenue that we just saved, that has to be it right? Wrong! Headmaster Ambrose has another assignment on Colossus Boulevard! He had to lock the gate to it because the street has become too dangerous.
    Before we go to Collosus Boulevard to see what is going on, Professor Greyrose has another task for us at hand! I also want to introduce you to my new pet Winston! He is a Snow Beast that has really good talents for an Ice Wizard! Ice generally has low damage output so this will definatly give us a little boost! 15% ice damage just from this little bugger. Plus 15% resist! Top it off with my favorite May cast spell and we have a winner! (Special thanks to @TheDoctorMA and @PaigeMoonshade !) Now lets go see what Greyrose needs!

    Sweet! Ice Prism is really going to come handy in Colossus Boulevard! This allows us to cast a trap based spell on an ice enemy and any ice spells we use after that will turn into fire damage which will therefore get a boost! When we reach the blocked entrance to Colossus Boulevard in the Shopping District, Private O'Doyle is guarding it. He is relieved that Ambrose has sent them aid to help with the dangers on the street. He mentions that his niece Mindy is studying ice magic and is currently inside Colossus right now. He is a bit worried about her and wants us to check up on her while we are there.
    When we reach Mindy she asks us for our help with all of the Gobblers and Evil Snowmen on the Street. We go and battle some of them to try and stop them from eating the City. They continue to do so even after we defeat some so Mindy thinks we should go ask Professor Greyrose what to do. It turns out that Professor Greyrose is the reason why the Gobblers and Evil Snowman are there! She had an accident while casting a summon spell to get rid of the ghosts in Collosus Boulevard and now we have the Gobblers!
    Greyrose has an idea to make the Gobblers not hungry anymore. She hands us a list of ingredients that make a "stinkweed potion". We go back to Mindy with it and she agrees that this could help us stop them from taking over. First we need the main ingredient, Stinkweed! Its scattered all over Colossus Boulevard so go collect a few for Mindy! Once we return she conjures up the potion and we go to test it out on the gobblers.
    We try the stinkweed potion on the gobblers but they wont stop eating. Mindy thinks we should go and speak with the Gobbler King at the end of Colossus Boulevard and try to make a deal. Will he take it?

    The Gobbler King has no intentions of making a deal with us. He says he is taking over Wizard City and it will be called New Gobblerton! This cannot happen! We go back to Mindy and she advises us to go and speak with Headmaster Ambrose to see if he has any ideas. Sure enough he does and it involves beating up TONS of Gobblers! 2 of each type exactly. Then to fight their 2 leaders, Baron Greebly and Baron Rotunda. Once we do The Gobbler King has no choice but to give up and make a deal with Wizard City. He reveals to us that his old world was filled with witches and they are scared to go back.
    Mindy thanks us for all of our help we have provided her. Ambrose thanks us as well and gives us a neat staff and agrees to allow the gobblers to stay in Colossus Boulevard since they weren't welcome in their own world. :)
Until next time Wizards!

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