Friday, February 7, 2014

Deeper into the Pyramid!

 Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our grand adventure, we entered the Sandy Dunes of Krokotopia! After exploring some of the Sun Pyramid, we met Professor Winthrop who is helping us find the Order of the Fang. After defeating Biti Nirini, we are now headed to the Chamber of Fire deeper into the pyramid to speak to Winthrop's assistant.
    Malcolm Danforth the assistant in the Chamber of Fire Excavation room has been figuring out a way to open the doorway to the Palace of Fire where the Order of the Fang supposedly is. He says the Palace Door requires a Key Stone to open it. His friend Robert Lancaster a few floors above has been searching for the key. When we talk to him he says that one piece of the key is buried under a pile of sand in the Royal Hall Dig Site. After we have that piece, Danforth learns that the Kroks split the key into 2 to protect the Palace. The Nirini Quartermaster has the 2nd piece.

    After securing the 2nd piece of the Key, Danforth combines them and tells us to go and talk to Prof. Winthrop again at the entrance of the Pyramid. He asks us to use the key and help Lieutenant Standish clear the way to the throne room. Lt. Standish says he has found some artifacts that may seal the Kroks in the Palace of Fire but needs to give them to his assistants at the 4 corners of the Palace. We go and speak to all of them.

    When we return to the Lt. he says that the Kroks cannot go to the other parts of the pyramid now that the artifacts are in place. There are still creatures causing trouble in the Palace though. He wants us to defeat some of the Warriors and Flame Guardians to help out his Soldiers. After helping out with the enemies in the hallways, Standish asks us to go and defeat the 4 Nirini Brothers at each side of the Palace. They have cast a barrier spell on the entrance to the Throne Room where we expect the Order of the Fang is.

    Once Edo, Nebit, Shai, and Akori are all defeated, the barrier to the Throne Room will disappear. Lt. Standish thanks us for helping him and his soldiers clear out some of the enemies in the area. Now that the barrier is down we gotta go tell Professor Winthrop that we can enter it now to find the Order of the Fang.

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