Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we defeated the Leader of the Grendel's in Grizzleheim, Skellek. Now that we are back on our original adventure, we continue to look for the Ancient Krokonomicon. Sergeant Talbot from Krokotopia said that It was taken to the world of Marleybone. After filling up our potions and selling our loot from Grizzleheim for some gold we use the MB Spiral Key!
    Once we enter through the door, we know that we are now in the world of Marleybone! Sergeant Talbot told us to find a soldier here named, Private Kinchley. He will be straight ahead of you when you arrive using the key. Kinchley salutes you and tells us he is under order to direct us wherever we need to go. He also gives us a new potion bottle! 3 now woot! We ask him about the Sarcophagus that the Krokonomicon is in and he tells us to go visit the Museum Curator in Town.
    After stepping out of the Church, you enter Reagent's Square. Straight ahead you can see the Clocktower which is where you will find the Museum. Before going there though, stop by and talk to Zeke in the middle of town. He needs our help again finding some Stray cats! Make sure to finish up your Krokotopian Zeke Quest if you haven't already! Check out some of the stores around here also to upgrade your gear.
    Once you are done exploring around town, enter the Marleybone Museum! Inside you will find tons of Krokotopian artifacts behind glass cases and others out on display. You also see the Sarcophagus holding the Krokonomicon! Clancy Pembroke, the museum curator is standing near a display. When you tell him about the Krokonomicon, he says the sarcophagus is still being processed, and that we cannot see it. He will make an exception only if Mayor Pimsbury allows it.
    Find the entrance to Digimoore Station on your map to find the mayor! We tell him about the Krokonomicon and he assures us that the safest place for it in all of MB is the museum. He lets us know that the Museum is protected by most magic. Unfortunately the mayor tells us that the local streets are having trouble with some uprising gangs.
    He isn't letting anything come out of the Museum until the street threats have been dealt with. He makes a deal with us and tells us that if we help with the street problems then he will let us see the sarcophagus. The mayor tells us to go speak with Sherlock Bones who is investigating the O'Leary Gang.
    When we speak to Sherlock, he tells us that something very bad is going around the City. He has deduced that the O' Leary's are behind it, but must be working for someone else. He tells us if we want to help to go and speak with Ms. Conrail one of his old friends. She is located in Hyde Park, so we will need to get a ticket and ride the Air Balloon to the area. Will we find out who is behind all the trouble in Marleybone?
Until then wizards!

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