Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mysteries of the Krokosphinx!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our adventures, we explored deeper into the Mysterious Pyramid of the Sun. While trying to find the Order of the Fang, we defeated the notorious Nirini Brothers and the great Krokenkahmen! The order wasn't hiding in the Pyramid of Sun but we did find their secret hideout! It's somewhere on the Island of Krokosphinx! Lets go explore it!
    Before we can go to Krokosphinx we need to find a way there! Sergeant Talbot allows us to use one of the ferries they set up just before the Kroks attacked. Before we go there though, we return to Ravenwood in Wizard City to visit Greyrose since she called us for a new spell! Tower Shield defends 50% from any schools incoming spells! Great to have! Fill up the potions and we meet a Blue Mander in front of the Ship. He sails us to the Island of Krokosphinx! Woot woot!
    When we arrive at the Island, we see a big tree like the ones we saw in Ravenwood. This one happens to be Niles, the Balance School Tree! He can teach you helpful spells, like elemental blades/spiritual blades and their traps. In the middle of the island, there is a hole in the ground with a ladder sticking out. This leads to the Balance School! Unlike the other Schools that are all in Ravenwood this one is in Krok! Professor Alhazred is the real Balance teacher, which will train you all of the spells if you are a balance wizard.
    It turns out that Prof Alhazred is part of the Order of the Fang! We tell him the story about Malistaire seeking the Krokonomicon. He says he hasn't seen Malistaire around but knows why he would seek such a powerful artifact. Before he shares more with us, he says we have to earn his trust, and tells us to seek out Shalek in the Krokosphinx.
    When we enter the Sphinx we step into a huge hall. Shalek is up ahead and wants us to reunite the Order of the Fang. To do this we must first go seek out General Khaba who was said to be fending off the Kroks back in the day when the Order cast the sleep spell on them. He lets us know that a mander named Rami may know where he is.
    When we reach Rami in the Hall of Champions, we first take a quick snooze on that lovely hammock! ;) *see pic above* Now back to business! Rami warns us that the Evil Tuts in the area are searching for General Khaba as well. He asks us to defeat some of the Sphinx Sokkwi roaming the halls. The majority of enemies on the Krokosphinx are going to be Ice which stinks for me since I'm ice! But not to worry the Ice converts come in handy here!
    Once we have defeated enough Kroks, Rami thanks us and says General Khaba is still safe. Before we can talk to him though, we need the Seal of the Fang. Rami says the evil Tut Nekhbet took it before the great sleep. Lets go get it!

    After we recover the seal, Rami tells us that General Khaba is hiding in the Treasure Room up ahead. When Khaba see's the seal we have, he is shocked. He wants to know what has been going since his great slumber. We catch him up on all that has been happening with the Tuts reawakening all around Krok to take over again. He tells us that a Soul Scavenger stole his Coin of Destiny which weakened him greatly. We gotta go get it back for him!

    Once we safely get the coin back to Khaba, he says he can already feel his power returning to him. Now he just needs his prized sword that he gave to Rami for safekeeping before the great slumber. Little does Khaba know that Rami only has the Scabbard to his Weapon. This means we are going to have to forge a new weapon for him!
    First he needs a few Ice shards from the Glacial Avengers in the area. After you defeat them and collect some, he will need 4 spider carapace from the Grand Arena which is behind Shalek back at the entrance to the Sphinx. Next he will need 10 gemstones scattered around the Hall of Champions to magnify the blades power. Finally the Manders strolling the area has leather straps Khaba needs to wrap around the hilt of the blade.
    Now that we have all of the parts to the blade, we need to use the Frozen Forge to create the General's weapon. Odji Sokkwi guards it, but first we must get a key to his lair from one of his guards, the Sokkwi Crushers!

    General Khaba thanks us for all of our help, especially getting his weapon back. He says we have gained the Order of the Fangs trust, and that with us on their side, they will never fail. He wants us to go tell Shalek that he is ready to lead the fight once again against the Tuts!
Until next time!

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