Saturday, February 15, 2014

Returning to Grizzleheim!

 Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we defeated Queen Krokopatra in the Temple of Storms! We stopped her from raising more Tuts from the dead to take over Krokotopia. We are now directed by Sergeant Talbot to go to Marleybone to get the Krokonomicon. Ambrose has other plans for us first though. He calls us to his office immediately.
    Remember the world of Grizzleheim we visited earlier in our quests when we met Baldur in Olde Town? Ambrose wants us to go visit again via the Spiral Door! He hands us the Spiral Key and tells us that we need to make powerful friends during these "dark" times. Our objective is to speak with the King. Well then off we go!
    Once we use the Grizzleheim Spiral Key we step back into the world we once visited by boat with Baldur. The only difference now from back then is that more areas are now open! Exploring time woot woot. Lets go see the King like Ambrose asked us.
    When we walk up to the King's Castle Doors, we are greeted by Bjorn Ironclaws. He asks why we have come to Grizzleheim and we explain to him that Ambrose sent us to talk to the King. Bjorn tells us that the king just doesn't talk to anyone who asks, he only talks to great warriors. Bjorn himself is a great warrior of Grizzleheim and says he will personally let us meet the King if we can prove ourselves.
    Bjorn tells us to go and speak with Hagan Shieldbreaker in Savarstaad Pass by the river. Hagan is his Sword Brother and will teach us the ways of a great warrior. Head down the path to the right and make your way over the bridge to the entrance of Savarstaad Pass!
    Find Hagan in the Tree Stump house near the camp. He asks why you have come and we tell him that Bjorn sent us to be tested to see if we are worthy enough to join the band. The first test is to defeat some Troubled Warriors in the burial ground up ahead.
    Once we return to Hagan, he tells us that he heard the Warriors Howls back at the campsite when we were fighting them. He goes on to explain that a hero is nothing without reputation. Next he tells us to go back into the burial ground to Yngvar Sharptooth's mound. We need to convince him we are worthy heir to his reputation.

    After winning praise from Yngvar, Hagan wants you to go to a nearby camp of Splithoof barbarians. He says when they get daring enough, they come to harass villagers and steal from them. Lets go teach them hogs a lesson! :P
    Hagan thanks us for defeating some of the troublesome boars and tells us we are becoming quite the hero around here. Bjorn ordered a blacksmith named Einar to come to the camp and tend to the weapons and armor. He is late and Hagan thinks he has been captured by the boars. Head back to their camp and defeat a couple for the Key to Einar's cell.

    Hagan and Einar thank us for all of our help around Camp. Hagan says that when we joined their band, their enemies became our enemies. The Grendels deep within Savarstaad Pass are causing trouble and we need to find a way to stop them and their leader. Problem is the Grendel Fort is protected by dark magic. What will we do to get in?
Until next time Wizards!

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