Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

 Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our adventure, we had helped Mindy Pixiecrown on Colossus Boulevard with all of the Mysterious Gobblers eating up the streets and buildings! Today we are continuing our journey and Headmaster Ambrose has summoned us to his Office. What could he want? Has he found something out about Malistaire while we were gone?
    Ambrose thinks he knows who is behind all of the chaos that has been happening in Wizard City since Malistaire left. To make sure he needs to access the old library archives, but to do this, he needs a key which is in the Olde Town tower. He warns us that an evil spirit Foulgaze haunts the tower.

    Once we receive the information Ambrose needs, we return to him. He figures out that the person behind all of the chaos in Wizard City is in fact Lord Nightshade! He of course is working under the orders of Malistaire. Ambrose tells us to go seek Lord Nightshade out who is currently hiding out in the Stormdrain Tower on Triton Avenue's Haunted Cave.
    Once we defeat Lord Nightshade, we collect a mysterious journal and a skeleton key laying on his table. What is this key for? When we show Ambrose he looks inside the journal and finds out that there is a mysterious door behind the waterfall in the Commons! He warns us that Malistaire may have something evil inside. Time to head under the waterfall to find out what is behind the skeleton doorway!
    Once inside, it feels like we are back in the Haunted Cave. Creepy graves and a eerie fog surrounding the ground. Looking around you will find the death school tree, Mortis. He will be able to train you the basic taunt spells in Wizard101. Taunt spells are used to higher the chance of the enemy attacking you instead one of your allies in battle. He also holds a neat spell called infection which is very useful in PVP. Lowers the heal spell of your opponent.
    Next to him is the School of Death, ya know the one that "disappeared" from Ravenwood. Inside you meet the Death Professor who is filling in for Malistaire since he is no longer teaching here. Dworgyn is wondering why he hasn't seen anyone in a while.. he still thinks he is in Ravenwood... lol! You can learn the death school spells here, I will definatly be coming back for that Feint spell! Will help my Ice spells be so much more powerful.
    Before returning to Headmasters Office, we stop by the Fairegrounds and talk to Sabrina Greenstar. She is the trainer who teaches you the School Shield spells once you are at level 10. Go by and pick yours up if you haven't already! Ambrose is shocked that the death school fell into Nightside and is still standing. While we were gone, he was reading the Journal we found and knows what Malistaire is up to.
    He shares with us that he supposedly visited the ancient world of Krokotopia to find the Order of the Fang for something. Ambrose wants us to see what happened there and gives us the Spiral keys to Wizard City and Krokotopia! Bartleby the tree in the center of Ravenwood is where we use the Spiral Keys to travel to different worlds. He tells us to go talk to him and use the Spiral Door!
What lies behind the door when we use the Krokotopian Key?

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