Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Test Realm is Open!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today, Wizard101 opened up the Test Realm! They have added some cool new features and we urge you all to test them out! This TR does not include Khrysalis Part 2. But do not worry they let us have another sneak peek at it!
    First up, W101 has changed the Fire Elf Spell's damage output. Before it was 50 + 210 over 3 rounds, now it is 100 + 210 over 3 rounds. They also added in new animations for the Fire Elf while still keeping the one from Live Realm.

    Above is the Live realm vs Test realm view of one of the new animations where the elf stays on the ground and shoots arrows at the enemy. Also they have enhanced Fire Wizards Health from Levels 1-15 for balance purposes.
    2 Awesome new features are "Team Up" and the "Dungeon Recall" options! If you are at any of the Major Dungeons in the game and would like to search for a team, click team up button at the entrance and the game will search for other Wizards who are looking also! [In different Realms from you too!]
    Also now when you are in a dungeon and need to leave to go refill on potions etc, click the commons button refill! Now you will see a new button near your compass that will teleport you back into the Dungeon without having to start all over! Below is a video showing both of the new features! Go test them out, if you find anything strange make sure to report it!

    Finally for the moment you have all been waiting for, another sneak peek at Khrysalis Part 2! This time, they gave us a concept photo of Crescent Beach! Looks cool eh? To read ALL of the Details about this Test Realm click here!
Happy Adventuring Wizards!
Be sure to enter the Archangel Contest if you haven't already!

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