Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Emperor's Retreat!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off, we had just recovered the ancient golden fang from the Vault of Ice! Shalek told us that the reason why they cast the great sleep on the Tuts in the first place is because The Krokonomicon was stolen from the order. He tells us that Krokhotep, the Ruler of the Sphinx was the last one that had it in his possession. Krokhotep is hiding in the Emperor's Retreat, lets go see if he still has it!

    After we learn that Krokhotep gave the Krokonomicon to Queen Krokopatra, Shalek is very disappointed that a member from the Order would do such a thing. With Krokopatra wielding the Krokonomicon and the power to summon more Tuts, we need to find a way to her lair, the Temple of Storms. Shalek tells us to meet him and the rest of the Order in the Balance School.
    Alhazred thanks us for everything we did in the Krokosphinx and reuniting the Order. All of the members give us a golden scarab as a symbol of our entry into the Order of the Fang. They say they will look over Krokotopia while we go find Krokopatra in the Temple of Storms. "Sergeant Talbot may know a way to her Island"
Until then Wizards!

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