Monday, February 10, 2014

The Grand Arena!

 Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we helped General Khaba in the Hall of Champions gain his strength back since the great sleep! In order to learn more about the Order of the Fang, The balance teacher, Professor Alhazred has sent us on a mission in the Krokosphinx to reunite all of the members. Shalek tells us that next we must venture off into the Grand Arena behind him to find Khai Amahte.

    Before we go on to explore the unknown in the Grand Arena, Professor Greyrose has summoned us to her office once again! What task will she assign us to now?

    Sweet! Ice Armor is a great Ice spell that uses all of the pips you have at that moment and gives you a shield. (absorbs 125 damage per pip) So if I had lets say 5 regular pips, the shield would absorb 625 incoming damage before hitting us. We fill up our potions, sell our bag full of goodies from the Hall of Champions at the bazaar, and head back to Krokotopia!
    Shalek tells us that the Order is nothing without its fearless warrior, Khai Amahte the Great. He tells us to go find Ako the Mander in the Grand Arena to see if he has found Khai yet. When we find Ako he says that Khai is in the Colosseum fighting, but manders aren't allowed in. He tells us that we should sneak in as a gladiator, but first we will need the Mark of the Gladiator from one of the Sokkwi roaming around the halls.
    Once we receive the Mark of the Gladiator from one of the Sokkwi guards, Rami gives us the gear he found while we were gone. With the gear and mark, we can sneak into the Colosseum without being noticed. He tells us to go and speak with the Arena Master Merikara.
    When you enter the enormous arena, you will see him straight ahead. He laughs at us asking to battle Khai the Amahte. He wants to test us first. We fight some Sokkwi rippers near him and then he challenges us to fight the Great Sun Bird.

    After we defeat the first challenge, the Arena Master wants us to battle the great Krag Stonechin. But Krag will only battle us if we bring him fresh spider eyes. So we go to the end of the arena and battle some of the Ice spiders, then head to Krag's chamber!

    Once Krag is defeated, we head back to the Arena Master to see if he lets us speak to Khai. Nope! This time he wants us to battle Bort Malletmane to prove we are a champion. Bort will only agree to challenge us if we defeat 2 sand stalkers roaming in front of his chamber first. Lets get to it!

    Bort falls to our Ice magic, and hopefully next we will get to meet the Great Khai Amahte! Nope! Lol, the Arena Master has one last challenger for us before we meet Khai. He says the crowds love that we are dueling all of the top contendors in the arena. The last challenger will be the undefeated Krok champion, Itenu Sokkwi!

    Finally after defeating Itennu, The Arena Master grants us access to meet Khai! Head through the hallway in the Grand Arena, it connects to another area. Up ahead will be a door to the Trophy Room where Khai resides.

    Now that we have Khai rejoining the Order of the Fang, Shalek will now tell us more about the Order. He tells us that there is a ancient artifact called the Golden Fang. It is locked in the Vault of Ice above, and offers tremendous power to any Krok that has it in their possession. He warns us that we have to go get it before the Tuts do!
Until then!

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