Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Grendels of Grizzleheim!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we returned to Grizzleheim and saved Einar the blacksmith from Shattertusk the leader of the boars. The whole reason we came to Grizzleheim in the first place was to talk to the King for Ambrose, but we have to prove ourselves to be a warrior first.
    After saving Einar, Hagan thanks us and tells us that in defeating Shattertusk, our fame will spread quickly, becoming a hero of Grizzleheim. Now that we are in Hagan's band, his enemies will become our enemies. The evil race of Grendel's have taken over the fort of Draugarth in the far end of Savarstaad Pass. Hagan asks us to go speak with the Spirits of the Warriors at the fort to learn more about the evil beasts.
    The first spirit we talk to is Aevar The Swift. He was one of the warriors that fought the Grendels when they attacked the fort. They were winning the battle during daylight, but once they went to sleep, the Grendels climbed the walls and attacked them as they slept. Aevar explains that its called "Draugarth" the home of the dead now.
    The next spirit we talk to is Rethel The Fierce. He shares a story about the Grendels. "It is said that the First Mother of all the Grendels went to all things in the world and begged them to swear oaths to never harm her child." The mother went in disguise as and old woman, all things agreed not to harm her children except spiders. The Spider Queen said no because spiders are evil and they love to harm things. The first Grendels cannot be harmed by any force. The only thing that can harm them are the spiders.
    The final spirit we talk to is Soren The Wise. Soren was the blacksmith of Fort Draugarth. He explains that his finest weapons were not enough to win the battle. Their axes shattered, bent against the most powerful Grendel. He goes on and tells us that he will help. Soren wants to show us how to make a weapon with the venom of spiders. A blade that will defeat the Grendels.
    When we return to Hagan, he tells us to talk with Einar so he can help us make the Blade. Einar says he will teach us how to make it, but he needs his tools. A boar named Bloodseeker stole them. You can find him in the cavern near the boar camp. After taking back his tools, Einar has us go collect some materials we need for the blade.
    For the metal of the Blade, he says we need to collect lots of "Peat". Peat is rotten mud that can be found in Webwood up ahead. While we are there we have to collect some Spider Ichor by defeating some of the spiders. When we return, Einar starts heating up the Peat. While he is doing that, he asks us to go and collect the stinger of the Spider Queen Skathi. If he has it, he can craft it into the blade with the Spider Ichor and the Grendals will perish from it like the ancient oaths said.

    After we defeat the Spider Queen, we bring the stinger back to Einar and he creates the blade for us! He tells us that for the final steps, we need to get it thrice blessed. By three ancient spirits.
    The first spirit we seek is the one by the Waterfall in Hagan's camp. A water spirit named Whispertide appears and blesses our Sword with the grace of water. The second spirit we visit is the one at the campfire. Stormglare appears and blesses our sword with the Flame of Courage. The last spirit we seek is in the Woods near the Boar Camp.

    After our Sword is complete and thrice blessed, we return to Hagan and he tells us we are ready! We should first battle some of the smaller Grendels first so they do not distract us with our fight with their leader, Skellek.
    Once we defeat a couple of the smaller Grendels outside. We try to enter the Fort to confront Skellek, but the door has been sealed with Powerful Magic by a Grendel Shaman named Thulin. The only way in is if you have a runic talisman in your possession. Aevar the Swift points you into the direction of the Cavern Thulin hides in.

    Once we recieve the Talisman, we go back to Hagan and tell him that we are now ready to confront Skellek. It's time to defeat the leader of the Grendels once and for all!

    After the leader of the Grendels has fallen, Hagan thanks us for everything we have done for him and his camp. He says our battle with Skellek echoed across all of Grizzleheim and we are a hero. He says he would be honored if we joined Bjorn's band and will give good word about us to Bjorn when he sees him later.
    We go back to Bjorn near the Kings Fort and he says word is spreading everywhere of our heroic deeds. But we are still not allowed to meet the King. Bjorn tells us to go back to our homeland and continue on our adventures. He is sure we will be back to Grizzleheim in the future and maybe then we can meet the King! Off to Marleybone we go Wizards!
Until then!

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