Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Tomb of Storms!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventure, we stormed into the Emperor's Retreat hoping to find Krokhotep with the Krokonomicon. Sadly he betrayed the Order and gave it to Queen Krokopatra who resides in the Temple of Storms. She plans on summoning up more Tuts with it so we must quickly put a stop to it!
    When we return to the mainland in Krok, we ask Sergeant Talbot if he knows a way to the Temple of Storms He warns us that it is a very dangerous place and we receive a new Spell for finishing the Krokosphinx! Steal Ward! It is a 2 pip spell that lets us steal an enemies shield. Talbot tells us that a mander named Hetch Al 'Dim has been researching how to summon the entrance to the Temple.
    When we meet up with Hetch, he tells us that we need the 3 golden scarabs to summon the portal. He has one, and we have 2 from earlier. Hetch gives us his and we light up all of the pillars to see the portal emerge from the sands.
    When we enter the gloomy tomb, we meet the spirit of Krokhotep. He wants to help us and apologizes for betraying the Order. With the Krokonomicon Krokopatra can summon tuts from the graves to serve her as an army to take over Krokotopia. Krokhotep tells us that to gain access to her lair, we need a 2 part Cipher. The first one is deep inside the Ahnic Tomb.

    Once we defeat King Uro and take the 1st part of the Cipher, we head back to Krokhotep and he tells us that the 2nd piece of the cipher is located in the opposing families tomb. Deep inside the Djeserit tomb. King Shemit Djeserit has it.

    After getting the 2nd piece of the cipher from King Shemet, Krokhotep tells us that Queen Krokopatra's Palace is locked and the only key to it is being guarded by princes in the Karanahn Palace. We venture past the barracks and enter the Palace!

    After defeating all of the princes and taking the key to the Temple of Storms, Krokhotep thanks us for all we have done so far. Now the final test is to confront Krokopatra in her lair and hopefully take back the Krokonomicon! Before we enter the final dungeon, Professor Greyrose calls us back to the school to learn a new spell! Frost Wyvern is our new 4 pip attack spell! Fill up our potions and here we go!

    We find out that Krokopatra put the Krokonomicon in a Krok Soul Casket that ended up being brought to Marleybone for their Museum. Krokhotep thanks us for all of our help, especially stopping the Tuts from taking over Krok. We gain the Frostbite spell for finishing Krok! Awesome.
    We tell Sergeant Talbot about the Krokonomicon and he tells us to go visit the Museum in Marleybone. He hands us the Spiral key and we add it to the other 2 we have. What mysteries and adventures lie ahead?
Until then Wizards!

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