Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chelsea Court!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we had left off on our adventures, we searched Hyde Park looking for a cat named Baxter who had important information on the O'Leary Gang! Sherlock Bones had us visit Ms. Conrail in Hyde Park, once we found that Baxter was kidnapped by the Clockworks, Sherlock pointed us towards Chelsea Court and Ms. Marphely.
    When we arrive to Chelsea Court via Air Balloon, Ms. M is right near the entrance awaiting us. She is honored that Sherlock thinks she can help us with our quest. We fill in Ms. Marphely with all of the details of what happened to Baxter and she tells us that if the Clockworks kidnapped him, then he must be at the Clock tower! The only problem is, when we go to the tower, you need a password to enter. Ms. M tells us that an old friend of hers owes her a favor, his name is William Pugsby and he is near Chelsea Tower.
    William tells us he will help us since Ms. Marphely sent us. We tell him we are trying to get into the Clock Tower and he informs us that Shakes O'Leary changes the password whenever he pleases. He tells us if we want to get into the Tower we have to go defeat Shakes in his tower up ahead.

    With Shakes now gone, he cannot change the password to the Clock Tower. We return to William and he tells us that one of his goons must have the Password he sent out earlier. He tells us that Timmy Icepick at the end of the street must have it!

    Once we have the password after defeating Timmy Icepick, we return to William and he tells us that we are now set to enter the Tower! First we visit Ms. Marphely again. She is happy we got what we needed and tells us that right now is the perfect opportunity to enter the Clock tower, she has been watching over it. What dangers will be inside?

    After defeating Potbelly and rescuing Baxter, we return to Ms. M and thank her for everything. When we return to Digmoore Station to tell Sherlock the good news, he warns us there are watching eyes. He set up a meeting with Baxter at his house, 221B Barker Street in Regent Square. What will Baxter tell us about the O'Leary's?
Until next time Wizards!

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