Sunday, March 2, 2014

Visiting Hyde Park!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we had left off on our adventure, we entered the new world of Marleybone to look for the Krokonomicon! The Mayor made a deal with us that if we helped with the troubled streets he would let us have access to the Sarcophagus holding the ancient book which was still being processed. The Air Balloon Ship is ready to take off for Hyde park! Off we go!
    When we arrive in Hyde Park, we travel above the rooftops to find Ms. Conrail, the one Sherlock told us to find. She is a little ways ahead. She explains that she keeps and eye on the neighborhood and that's how she found out that an O'Leary was willing to cough up some inside information. She had arranged a meeting with someone named Baxer who knows more. She tells us to meet him in the Greenhouse ahead near the Fountains.

    Once we return to Ms. Conrail, she says that Baxter must be hiding and that is why he didn't show up to the Greenhouse. He is afraid that the O'Leary's are catching on that he is trying to give away information. She tells us that a little birdy told her all of Baxter's hidden hideouts around the neighborhood. Lets go check them out to see if he is in any of them!
    Inside all 3 of the hideouts, we find mobs that we have to battle. After all of the ambushes, return to Ms. Conrail. She says that Baxter must really have the goods on the O'Leary's if he they are looking for him as well. A cat named Willie Marks may know where he is. She asks us to go visit him to see if he will tell us. His hideout is just past the garden near the Greenhouse.

    When Willie tells us that the O'Leary's are holding Baxter at the Hyde Fraternity House, we rush back to Ms. Conrail and tell her. She says we have to save him and to get into the Fraternity house, we will need to get some lockpicks to open the door. The Hooligans roaming the streets have them.
    Once we have 3 lockpicks after battling the Hooligans, return to Ms. Conrail and she shows us where the Hyde Fraternity House is on our map. She tells us to hurry before the O'Leary's find out that we know where they are holding Baxter. Will we make it in time?

    Oh no! The Clockworks kindapped Baxter! Return to Ms. Conrail to tell her the bad news. She thanks us for all we have done but to go and speak with Sherlock Bones as to what to do next! He may have an idea where the Clockworks took him.
    When we return to Sherlock, he says that he has heard about "Metal Men" roaming near Chelsea Tower. He has another friend named Ms. Marphely in Chelsea Court that will help us. She knows all about the Clockworks! Will we find Baxter in Chelsea Court?
Until next time Wizards!

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