Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cat Scratch Fever!

Hello Wizards!
    We last left off running after Meowiarty and Malistaire in the streets near Newgate Prison. At the Clocktower we caught up to them, but alas they fled again and Malistaire summoned up an Agony Wraith we had to defeat before we could continue our investigation with Sherlock and Watson. After filling in Watson with what happened at the Prison, we have to go help some of the officers in Knights Court before they can help us find Meowiarty.
   Sergeant Steeg will be up ahead after you walk up the stairs in the back ally near Watson. He is very happy that he has someone else helping him on the Jacques the Scratcher case as they don't have many officers in this district. Lady Miltop is straight ahead of you after talking to Steeg, she has been attacked by Jacques and needs your help. She tells us he is in the clocktower she is standing next to.

    After battling Jacques, he flees again saying "it won't be so easy next time"! Run back to Steeg and tell him what happened with Lady Miltop and Jacques. He will have you go and defeat some of Jacques Deadly Scratchers roaming around the streets.
    Once you have defeated a couple of the cats, Steeg thanks you and informs you that the deadly scratching reports have now lessened with our help. Getting back to Jacques himself though, Officer Steeg tells us that Lady Dalton who also lives in Knights Court had reported an incident last night. Lets go see what she has to say about Jacques!
    When we meet Lady Dalton she tells us that her encounter with Jacques was horrid and all she can remember is that he carried a black bag. This is a great clue we can bring back to Steeg. Steeg lets us know that his officers are still searching but cannot find him. Lady Brooks has recently reported a scratching, so lets go see if she has any ideas. She says she came home one night and Jacques was inside waiting for her and attacked her. She hasn't gone back ever since. Steeg asks us to go into her house and make sure everything is clear so she can move back in while he and the other officers look around for Jacques.

    After clearing out Lady Brooks house, we return to Steeg and show him the Glove we found inside with the letters "XX" on it. Now we have 2 clues, the bag and the gloves! Steeg thinks one of his officers could easily crack this case, but he is off duty at the moment. Go back to Reagent's Square and find the Bar named "Mr. Burt's Bones and Biscuits".
    When we arrive at the bar, Officer Crankenhop is inside. He is the one that Steeg had mentioned. We show the Officer the clues we have found and he comes to the conclusion that they belong to a Doctor who lives in Knights Court with the initials "X.X". Before returning to Knights Court we stop by Professor Greyrose to learn a new Ice Spell! Blizzard is our first AOE spell! It hits multiple enemies and costs 4 pips. That will definitely be useful! We Return to Steeg and fill him in on what Crankenhop's idea was. Steeg tells us that a doctor does live here in Knights Tower named Xavier Xandros. Lets go get him!

    Now that we have saved Knights Court and helped Officer Steeg, we must return to Watson to find out if he figured out where Meowiarty went while we were gone.
Until then!

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