Saturday, April 5, 2014

Khrysalis Part 2

Hello Wizards!
    Thursday, Kingsisle opened up the Test Realm allowing us to explore Khrysalis Part 2 finally! All of us were anxiously awaiting this and finally it was at our grasps! I started questing right away when TR opened around 11 AM eastern and finished around 12 AM! 13 hours of questing! It was so worth it though! The Storyline and areas in Part 2 were wonderful and beautifully crafted by the hard workers at Kingsisle! This Post will just contain the basic storyline of Part 2, and my thoughts when I was experiencing them. There will also be plenty of videos that I recorded, so if you don't want to read/watch spoilers, turn back now!
    When we finished Part 1, all we were left with was a nice view of the Starfell sea in the distance. Now that Part 2 is opened, we need to explore Crescent beach, but Morganthe has blocked the entrance. To get in we must defeat some dragon beetles for their pods. Once we have the pods, we place them between the Gate bars and BOOM, we're in!
    You are now on Crescent Beach, looking for a way to cross the Starfell Sea. Zarozinia The Deathsong helps you and directs you to go figure out who controls the Docks. After fighting multiple bosses and meeting a captain who helped us in the Skull Rock, we collect all the materials we need to cross the sea. (Mustering Horn, and Several Crystals to help us control the "ship")
    When you throw the Diving Bell off into the sea from the docks, a HUGE bug looking thing appears from the deep seas, this is your "ship". When you enter inside, you will see Taylor Coleridge, the captain you met inside Skull Rock. He is going to help you cross the sea. He has the crystals you collected on the beach in certain slots. The Journey across the sea is a very bumpy one, enemies will try to stop you and mess with the bug. Its your job to go outside and deal with them. The last battle you have before your destination will be 3 bosses all in one battle. It is x10 worse than the Starburst Spiders back in Mirror Lake.
    You may also have noticed that you are collecting a new reagent in KR part 2 called "Astral Shard" This new reagent is very important for the new Crafting quest and other Crafting Items you will see later on! Stock up! Finally we arrive at our destination, Ruined Alcazar! These ancient ruins was the home of Star magic! You will meet a mole in a form of a spirit who is named Amelia Stardust. She needs your help to recover and save the Celestial Beings. (Crab, Hart, Serpent, Phoenix) There are 4 islands you can reach via teleporter near her. Once you rescue the first 3, you have to rescue the Phoenix egg from Papa Jacobo in the final ruined tower.
    When you bring the egg back to Amelia Stardust, it hatches into the Celestial Phoenix who flies high into the sky above and reveals the Portal to the "Star Castle", Radiance Reborn. Picture the ruins you were just exploring, it's that but before it was destroyed. Inside you meet Amelia again, she asks you to go speak with all of the Celestial Beings you just recovered in their towers around the Castle. (These Celestial beings look epic! They would be great Mount options!)
    After speaking to all of them the Phoenix proposes that you are ready to enter the Chambers of the Mind. Amelia explains that you are about to enter 3 phases of Morganthe's Memory. In order to face Morganthe, we need to learn more about her past. This part was very cool, great job to the designers and writers!

    In the first chamber, we see Morganthe when she was Younger and Her Brother Malory in Avalon plotting to takedown the King. (The events that took place before we entered Ghost Avalon) We learn here that Morganthe really didn't want to hurt anyone during these events but after her and Malory defeat the Spriggan, She gets mesmerized by the power of the Horned Crown. Malory tells Morganthe to use the crown on the King if his plans go awry. She then wonders if Ambrose has any tomes that explain the Crown in depth. (Which is why we found her in Ambroses Tower in Ghost Avalon when we face her as Gamma)

    In the 2nd Chamber, we see Morganthe as a Student at Ravenwood. She is being scolded by Malistaire (The current Death Professor) for almost destroying all of Ravenwood by accident. (She is the reason why the Death School is not apart of Ravenwood) Morganthe  sasses back at Mali when he asks for her Wand, and you begin a duel. About halfway in, Ambrose interrupts and takes her wand and deck away. This is the point in the story where I think Morganthe snaps and begins to walk down the "dark path". She loved Magic, and Ambrose just took it away from her and told her to leave Ravenwood Immediately.

    In the Final Chamber, we see a more advanced Morganthe exploring "The Hive" in Khrysalis searching for new Magic she could use. Ambrose told her to go find where she belongs in the Spiral and she ends up here looking for what he took away from her. We see the rat we saw earlier in KR2, Taylor Coleridge. It turns out that he was on Morganthe's Ship Crew when she explored Khrysalis so many years ago. In the Memory we see them exploring an area for Magic, and then Spider Magi's show up and take Morganthe "to be tested" as their "Chosen one of the Prophecy".
    A few questions that go through my mind at this point is, 1. Was she being controlled by these spiders? She didn't really want to go with them as you can see in the memory. 2. Did they turn her into a spider/human? In her older form she has spider legs coming out of her back. I would absolutely love to see a future KI blog post about the timeline of Morganthe and details of her story that we are still missing.
    After seeing all of the Memories, Amelia has us go to the center of the Castle and Greyrose appears. She is thrilled that we have now recovered 2 of the Ancient astral artifacts of Khrysalis now, Moon and the Stars. Next is the Solar Arc! You can now use the Teleporter here to bring you to the City of Sardonyx. Amelia says that the Solar Arc is located in the Kondha Desert which Morganthe has proclaimed, "Forbidden to enter" by anyone. Amelia tells us to tell her Friend in Sardonyx that Radiance is now Reborn and for them to help us search for the Solar Arc. She also has a few new Bubble Spells for us to train! Make sure to pick up your Schools for Free. These are different from our other School Bubbles. It gives Pierce and Crit chance instead of Attack Power.

What will happen next in Khrysalis Part 2? Find out next time!

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