Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Great Meowiarty Chase!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventure, we snuck into the Ironworks to spy on Pops O' Leary and his gang to see what they were up to. After defeating him, we learn that Someone is planning a prison raid! Who are they trying to break out of jail? We need to go tell Sherlock at once.
    When we return to Digmoore Station, we fill in Sherlock on all the details about the Prison Raid plan we found out in the Ironworks. He asks us to go warn Scotland Yard and his colleague Watson. When we reach Watson on Scotland Yards rooftop he warns us that the O'Leary gang is attacking and that they are trying to free Meowiarty. He is a very dangerous thief in the realm of Marleybone! We need to go and try to prevent the raid and Officer Ness in Newgate Prison may be able to help us.
    After speaking with Officer Ness, he tells us that Malistaire is here and he is summoning the undead to free Meowiarty! What? When we reach the top of the 2nd tower where Meowiarty's Cell is, we see the wall blown out and another officer is yelling that he is getting away with Malistaire.
    As we run further through the streets, we finally catch up to Malistaire and Meowiarty as he summons more undead in the streets before running off again. Officer Dorsett near the scene tells us of a O'Leary hideout down the ally near here. Maybe he is hiding inside?

    Inside we find Gibson O'Leary with Meowiarty no where in sight. After defeating Gibson he spills that Meowiarty just left and he said something about an old warehouse! We should still be able to catch him so head back outside and run further down the street stopping to talk to MB Police along the way. Towards the end of the street we see Malistaire and Meowiarty again and he summons more ghosts in front of us. Officer Payne tells us that they ran inside the North Clocktower and we chase after them.

    Inside you find Meowiarty and Malistaire. Meowiarty expresses that he is done playing cat vs mouse and is finally escaping the area. Malistaire leaves us to battle Agony Wraith and a ghost henchmen. Once we are done we go tell Watson about what has happened during our time in Newgate Prison.
    Watson is surprised that Malistaire is helping Meowiarty and now we know that he is the "power" behind the O'Leary gang all of a sudden. To track down where he ran off to, we need aid from the other officers in the area but they are all busy on other missions. He asks us to go to Knights Court up ahead to help out with the problems Jacques the Scratcher is causing, attacking people in the neighborhood! Doesn't sound so good...
Until then Wizards!

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