Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hello Wizards!
    If you haven't already noticed, there is a new tab located near the top of the site! Here you will find many of my renders I have compiled and will continue compiling! They are for everyone to use! I will be sorting them out by World and Categories. Have any special requests? Leave a comment on the Renders Page and a link to a picture and Ill try to get it done and add it to the correct category!
    I thought it would have been a cool concept to have an area where everyone in the community could come to for Renders. Remember the renders on the pages may look small, so CLICK on them and it will reveal its true size for you, then right click and save! (or else you will be saving the smaller preview version) it is in.
I will be doing this project on both sites, Wizards of the Spiral and Pirates of the Spiral! Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Big Ben Tower!

Hello Wizards!
    We have finally made it! After helping Sally in Counterweight West, we unlocked the elevator to Big Ben. Malistaire and Meowiarty are at the top with no where to run. Its time to find out what they are up to and stop them! How big is this tower? You will just have to find out! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Counterweight West

Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventures, we explored Counterweight East and helped Gus take control over the tower once again from Sprockets. Before we can use the elevator to follow Meowiarty and Malistare up to Big Ben Clocktower, we have to help Sally in Counterweight West!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Counterweight East

Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventure, we stormed Katzenstein's Lab to stop the evil scientist and learn more about his mysterious metal men. After defeating him, we create a metal man ourselves and turn on all of the switches in the lab and it hints to us to go back to the Museum. We head back to the Museum in Reagent Square and find Sherlock Bones inside with the Mayor. Meowiarty supposedly went into the Big Ben tower, but we cannot follow him since the Counterweight Clock Towers on each side of Big Ben have locked the entrance. Lets head to Counterweight East!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Katzenstein's Lab!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our journey, we saved the citizens of Knights Court from Jacques the Scratcher! After helping the detectives with their tasks in Knights Court, we return to Watson and he lets us know that they have discovered who is behind the mysterious metal men roaming the streets of Marleybone! Who would that be you ask? Find out!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mastery Amulet Monday!

Hello Wizards!
    For today only, Kingsisle has reduced the prices of the Mastery Amulets by 50% in the Crown Shop! These Special Amulets are usually 9950 crowns, but today they are 4975! When your wizard wears one, it allows them to use their power pips for that school as well as your own. So for example, lets say I am playing on my Storm Wizard who uses his power pips for Storm spells. Well if I equip a Life Mastery Amulet, it allows him to use Life Spells with his power pips now. So instead of a Satyr spell that costs 4 power pips on my storm, it will only cost 2 power pips (4).
    Which one is your favorite? There are many tactics Wizards use these in PVP as well. I know lots of people who use to use the Balance one for reshuffle. We are going to give one away to a lucky winner randomly picked by the raffle copter below, the winner gets a choice of which one they would like. Good luck!