Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wysteria bound!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our grand adventure, we stopped the evil Meowiarty at the top of the Big Ben Clocktower in Marleybone! Unfortunately Malistaire took the Krokonomicon with him and headed off to Mooshu. Sherlock Bones and the others thank us for all of our help in the recent happenings in MB. Before we chase off after Malistaire, we have to stop and speak with Ambrose to tell him what events had happened in Marleybone!
    Ambrose is very worried that Malistaire has the Krokonomicon in his possession and is headed to Dragonspyre. He suggests we travel to the distant world of Mooshu as the Emperor there is the only one with a Dragonspyre Spiral Key. (I asked you all to vote on my recent poll of which world my Ice wizard should go to next, Mooshu, Grizzleheim, or Wysteria - And Wysteria won! Ambrose wants us to represent Ravenwood in a Magical Tournament that is hosted in Pigswick Academy on the land of Wysteria. To learn more about the task at hand we have to visit Mr. Lincoln in Golem Court.
    Mr. Lincoln lets us know that all of the Ravenwood Professors as well as Ambrose chose us to represent Ravenwood in the Magical Tournament for the Spiral Cup! He also hands us a ring with Bartelby on the emblem to show that we represent Ravenwood. After filling us on more details, he gives us the Spiral Key to Wysteria and tells us to look for Mrs. Dowager, the Registrar there.
    Before entering Wysteria, we stop at the Death School in Nightside and learn all the death spells up to Feint! Feint will help our Ice spells do a lot more damage! When we enter the Wysteria Spiral door we see Mrs Dowager waiting for our arrival ahead. She greets us and then asks to see our Ravenwood Ring to make sure it is us. We hand her the ring and she inspects it. After handing it back she reminds us to keep it safe. Mrs Dowager tells us that we should head to the Tournament Hall and meet Benedict Glendemming, the Master of Arms and Judge.
    As you travel the streets of Pigswick Academy you will see the students showing off their magic by floating in mid-air, levitating books, and much more! You will even see an artist at work creating a new painting by the entrance of the Tournament Hall. When you enter the Hall you will see Benedict Glendemming ahead of you. He is Wysteria's Duelmaster. Similar to Diego back in Wizard City. A matter of fact they know each other!
    Before speaking to Benedict, explore the inner sanctum and lay your eyes on the prize! The Spiral Cup is sitting at the center of the room. That is what you are fighting for in this tournament! You are honoring Ravenwood while others from Mooshu, Mirage, and many other worlds are trying to do the same for theirs. After checking out the Trophy return to Benedict. He tells you that with his training and help, Pigswick students have won the trophy time and time again for Wysteria. He asks you to go into the Basilisk chamber up ahead for our first duel!

    After defeating Bleys, return to Benedict to tell him you were successful in your first match. Now that we are done with the Tournament Hall for now, we speak with Mrs. Dowager again and she lets us know that we can now visit the Student Dormitory within the City. It is where all of the students will be staying for the duration of the Tournament. Inside you will meet all of your future competitors from the other worlds.
    First you will meet Beatrice Wildwind, a flying fairy. She is from the World of Weirwood. Second you will meet Kisai Shugenja who is from Mooshu. Next is Nalia Dunestrider from the world of Mirage. Finally you meet Randolf Spellshine who is representing Wysteria. While you are here, place your Ravenwood ring in a drawer like Mrs. Dowager asked you. Next you get the chance to meet the Headmistress of Pigswick Academy! Belladonna Crisp's office is at the top of the hill near the Tournament Hall.

    After speaking with Headmistress Crisp, you will have to go on a tour of the campus and meet all of the Professors here. These schools are similiar to our own back at Ravenwood but they are named differently and are taught differently. After meeting this lovely bunch who do you like better? The Ravenwood Teachers or Wysteria?

    Belladonna has a task for us, but we will get to that next time! Have a wonderful day Wizards!

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  1. To be honest...I think saving the Spiral is more important than dealing with a petty rivalry. Wysteria would be the last choice I would make, even Grizzlehiem is in more distress than Wysteria!