Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Into the Crypt

Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventures, we started to help the people of Ander's Holt in Vigrid Roughland. Egil Axebearer needs our help to bring things back to order here and to continue, we need to enter the crypt near the boiling springs to find an ancient artifact that will show us the truth. Lets go!

    After lighting all 3 runestones in the final room, the Eye of Truth is now ours. This ancient artifact shows the truth, even if its cloaked in dark magic. Bring it back to Egil and he tells us that we must sneak into the Red Claws hideout, Frostholm to save Ivar. He has us go talk to the elder Grimnir again in Anders Holt. He tells us that if we want to get into Frostholm, we need to present the guards at the gate a great weapon. The leader of the Red Claw here raiding Ander's holt carries the finest weapon Grimnir has ever seen. Find Ragnar Stormbrow's cave up ahead.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bear troubles!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventure, we explored the magical world of Aquila for Prof. Drake. After learning more about the Immortal Games, we traveled to Mount Olympus and challenged the Mighty Zeus! For now, that is the only test we are allowed to try in Aquila, once we reach higher levels, we can try out the 2nd and 3rd. When we were making our way to Mooshu to follow Malistaire, Ambrose tells us that Grizzleheim needs help again!
    To meet the King of Grizzleheim we need to prove ourselves and become a "hero" to the people in GH. When we meet Bjorn near the Kings Fort, he tells us about a small village called Ander's Holt in Vigrid Roughland. They are having some trouble there and need some assistance. When you reach the village you will meet Egil Axebearer who tells you that their thane, Ivar Andersson betrayed the village to the enemy group called the Red Claw.
    Egil explains that a Thane is suppose to be a leader and a champion, he isn't sure why Ivar would have opened the gates to let the Red Claw in, raiding their village. He asks us a favor to go out and collect some warm fur from ferocious wildclaw and winterberries that are hidden in nearby bushes. When we return with the supplies, Egil lets us know that 3 other villagers are still lost in the woods above. We have to go find them, before the red claw does.
    You can find Hans, Herlik, and Sigrim up above in the woods where the red claw have attacked. They are scattered around. Once you talk to them, they agree to head back to Egil's camp. When we return to Egil, he says the Red Claw are coming this way and we must stop them.
    After defeating a few of the Red Claw near the campsite, Egil will have you go find one more villager who is still lost by the name of Grimnir. He is located where the other 3 were in Ander's Holt. He doesn't want to leave the village since he has lived their for all of his life, and wont let the red claw draw him away. Grimnir tells us that he has known Ivar Andersson since he was a cub and would never aid the red claw in any way. He suspects that Ivar is under a dark enchantment.
    Once we bring the news about the enchantment to Egil, he has us go visit Bolthorn, an elder Grendal Wizard who lives in the Boiling Fields up ahead. He is said to know all about dark magic and enchantments. Bolthorn agrees to help us but wants something in return. First he wants a claw of a brave warrior. Egil agrees to give him one of his claws. We return it to Bolthorn and he says the answers we seek are in the crypt near his cavern. But to enter it we need to break the spell on the crypt doors.
    He needs us to collect Geyser water from the springs, Crypt Bark from the Decaying Bogwalkers, and slime from the Death troll nearby named Drek.

    Once we have collected all of the ingredients take them back to Bolthorn so he can create the magical salve you need to open the Crypt doors! What will we find inside the crypt? Find out next time!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July!

Hello Wizards!
    Felix Navidad is taking a break from his vacation and has returned to the Spiral with all of his holiday goodies! Yes your correct, there is no snow on the ground and its smoldering hot out! It's Christmas in July!! Go visit Felix in the Shopping District for his items and check out the Crowns Shop for the Yuletide Pack and other holiday items.
    Want to possibly win a Yuletide Pack? Simply send an email to johnnycentral1@cox.net with a new Christmas themed event they could do in December coming up! (If you are under the age of 13, please ask your parents or guardians permission first!) I will then pick 10 entries and each will get a Yuletide Pack gifted to them in game. Good luck and I cannot wait to see your great ideas!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lucky Hookline here!

Hello Wizards!
    Today Kingsisle patched the Fishing update to the Live realm! In celebration Lucky Hookline is visiting and will be giving away some fishing goodies, like Fishing Luck Elixers, and Aquarium Bundle Sets! Try your luck by entering the Rafflecopter Below. If you are one of the lucky winners, I'll email you by the email you entered the Rafflecopter with. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Away to Aquila!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today we went on a quest for Professor Greyrose to search for a key in Marleybone to unlock a special chest to learn the Ice Minion Spell! Now that we are all set, lets go visit Cyrus Drake to learn more about "Aquila"!
    When we reach the Myth School, Professor Drake starts telling us about the "Immortal Games". They are an open challenge hosted by the people of Aquila! They are open to all students of magic, not just wizards. He says the games will push you to your limits but will be a great test of your determination, wits, and fortitude. To learn more about Aquila and the Games, Cyrus has us go talk to Romulus on Cyclops Lane.
    Romulus remembers us from helping out with Cyclops lane troubles a while back and would love to help us in return now. When we tell him that Prof Drake has asked us to join the immortal games in Aquila, he explains more about them. Alas, its been a VERY long time since he has been home to Aquila and doesn't know the way back. He says we should check with Harold Argleston in the Library.
    Mr. Argleston is happy to help us out, he tells us that we can get to Aquila by using the chariot of Aethon. It's located in the Park on Cyclops Lane. To use it though, we need to activate it and there is a book here in the library that tells us how to do that. Once you find it in one of the book shelves, bring it to Romulus and he will tell you what to do next.
    Romulus shows us how to activate the chariot and sends us off into the skies above! When we reach the Garden of Hesperides talk to the Satyr Silenus like Romulus told us. He is a well known poet and philosopher. Silenus lets us know that there are 3 parts to the Immortal Games. Each bearing their own risk and rewards. The first competition will be Mount Olympus, the home of the Immortals!
    Silenus has you go talk to his daughter Aegle to learn more about Mount Olympus before climbing the ancient stairs to the heavens above. She says that the Immortals created these games for their own amusement, but also to reward the most talented magicians in the Spiral! She wishes us the best of luck on our journey. Will we survive the first challenge? Off we go!

Professor Greyrose calls!

Hello Wizards!
    After finishing up Wysteria and winning the Spiral Cup trophy, we take a break and see what Professor Greyrose needs! She says we have a new spell to learn. So before we go visit Cyrus about Aquila, lets go add a new spell to our book!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who took the Spiral Cup?!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier we ventured into Pegasus Place while waiting for our next tournament matches to begin. Headmistress Crisp asked us to help the head Gardener Verne to help get rid of all of the goblins on the street. We eventually found where they were coming from and used a incantation to get rid of the portal. We meet up with Mrs Dowager again and she says before we begin our next duel in the tourney, she wants us to give the others in the dorm rulebooks.
    They all thank us for giving them the rulebook except Randolph. He thinks we do not need rules, I wonder why? ;) When we return to Mrs. Dowager, she tells us to go to the Dueling hall and knock on the Spiral Cup Trophey as its a tradition for all of the contestants. Once we are in the hall, we see that the trophey is no longer there. We ask Benedict what happened and he comes to the conclusion someone has stolen it. We return to Mrs. Dowager and she is very shocked about the news, but says we need to continue with the tournament and the trophey will show up when it needs to. Our next Duel will be against Kisai Shugenja who hails from Mooshu!

    While we were dueling Kisai, Benedict was looking near the Trophey pedastel and has found evidence of who may have taken the trophey. After winning, return to Benedict and he has us bring the evidence to Mrs. Dowager. She has us bring it to Headmistress Crisp. Before opening the pouch, Belladonna asks us to return to the dorms and retrieve our Ravenwood Ring that we placed in the drawer when we first arrived.
    When we arrive to the dorms, we check the drawer we left our ring in and its gone! We return to Headmistress Crisp and she shows us what was in the pouch... Our Ravenwood ring! How is that possible? We didn't steal the Spiral Cup? Someone must be framing us! Belladonna wants more evidence, she doesn't believe that we are the culprits. But before we can go digging for more, we have another duel scheduled!

    We return to Belladonna after winning our match against Beatrice and she says if we want to prove our innocence, we need evidence! She asks us to check back near the Trophey stand to see if Benedict missed any other clues. We find some vines near the stand and she thinks the culprit tracked those in. We bring the vines to Verne in Pegasus Way to see if he knows where they are from and he has no idea but tells us to visit Chester Droors the Earth professor. He thinks its from Tanglewood Way near the Market Street.
    Since Tanglewood Way is blocked off and guarded by guards, we bring the bad news back to Belladonna. She informs us that our next match with Nalia Dunestrider is soon and to return after to keep searching for the trophey. When we reach the Tournament Hall, Benedict tells us that Nalia hasn't shown up for the match and if she doesn't come soon, it will be a forfeit on her end. We decide to go check out the Dorms to see if she is there and it looks like she lost her wand!
    Her and Randolph snuck into Tanglewood Way because her home world of Mirage has little to no plants and wanted to check them out. When they arrived their, it was full of creepy over grown tree men who were walking around the street. Her and Randolph got spooked and ran back to Pigswick and she must have dropped her wand on the way back. Lets go ask the guards if we can go into Tanglewood way to look for it!
    Lieutenant Roger warns us that 2 students earlier barely escaped and no one is allowed in. We explain to him about the wand situation and he tells us to talk to his assistant, Sergeant Harvey. Harvey says he didn't see a wand on the way back, but tells us that there is a crack in the wall that we can go through to check ourselves! We search the street and find Nalia's wand! Bring it back to her and meet her at the Tournament Hall for our match!

    After winning the match against Nalia, return to Belladonna and she tells us we should go investigate tanglewood way until our next match. We show Harvey the vines we found while we searched for Nalia's wand and it matches up to the ones we found near the Trophey stand. He tells us to defeat some of the green men to learn more.
    The evidence we gather after defeating some is that it matches! Why would they steal the Spiral Cup? We return to Gardener Verne in Pegasus Place to fill him in on the news and he lets us know that Chester Droors knows all about the green men, and was the one who ordered Tanglewood Way to be shut down. Hmmm.... Lets go pay him a visit!

    Wow! Someone is controlling Chester! Lord Bramble who resides in a tower at the end of Tanglewood Way seems to be the culprit. The one who framed us, and stole the trophey! Lets end this all right now and get it back for the tournament and Wysteria!

    Whew! After defeating Lord Bramble, take the Spiral Cup, and make sure to bring that voodoo doll back to Chester so he can get his soul back. Fill in Belladonna that you have recovered the Spiral Cup, and what has happened on Tanglewood Way and she hurries us along to our final duel against Wysteria's own Randolph Spellshine! Ravenwood vs Wysteria, who will take the cup?!

    Woot! We won the Spiral Cup for Ravenwood! Say your goodbyes to your friends at Wysteria and return to Headmaster Ambrose in Wizard City to fill him in on the good news! But alas, no time for relaxing, more adventuring! That brings us to our next topic! Which world would you like my Ice Wizard to explore next? Should we explore Mooshu and chase after Malistaire? Return to Grizzleheim and help out the King? Or Check out the mysteries of Aquila as requested by Cyrus Drake? Vote in the Poll tab at the top of the site!

Pegasus Place!

 Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventures, we explored Pigswick Academy and had our first battle of the Spiral Cup Tournament! Headmistress Belladonna has a task for us, lets go see what she wants!
    Belladonna tells us to go speak with Captain O'Hare after visiting the Spiral Cup fountain outside of the Dueling Hall. The Captain fills us in on all of the troubles Pegasus Place is having. He says a band of goblins have mysteriously appeared and has taken it over. Once we enter, we defeat some of the goblins walking around to help out. Captain then asks us to go search for Wysteria's head gardener, Verne.
    Walk back into Pegasus Place and look for Verne standing near the bridge to Helephant Tower. Verne tells us that Wysteria was full of vines when they found it and cut them all back as much as possible to make room for a school! He lets us know that strange new plants have sprouted up since the goblins have arrived. Thinking they are connected to them, he asks us to go search for 3 and return to him. When you return the samples to him, he is going to research them, but while he does that he asks us to go check on the Aerie.
    The Aerie is the stables further down on Pegasus Place where trainers take care and help the pegasus grow, to be trained as mounts! Verne asks us to speak with the stable master over there, Lapin Wingtamer to see if he needs any help. When we greet Lapin, he is surprised someone has came to help him with all of the goblins running loose. He says the goblin gang has stolen all of his Pegasus Chow which he uses to feed the Pegasi. Lapin asks us to go find 5 of the bags scattered around Pegasus Place.
    After returning the Pegasus Chow bags to Lapin, he asks us one more favor. To retrieve the stable keys so he can lock up the pegasus in safety from the goblins. The key of course got stolen by the hobogoblins near the stables. Once we return the key, Lapin clues us in that when the goblins first appeared, he ventured away from the stables further down the street and saw the goblins appear from a mysterious portal. Lets go check it out!
    Wow! Looks like this is where all of the goblins are coming from! Lets report back to Verne and see if he found out about those plants we gave him! He says the plants are native to the area of Weirwood in Avalon. If the goblins are coming from the portal, then that means they are from Weirwood as well. Verne remembers that someone who entered the tournament is from Weirwood, Beatrice Wildwind who we met earlier in the dorms.
    When we return to the dorms to ask Beatrice, she tells us that the plants we found are called Wild Viridian. The goblins supposedly plant it because they love to use it as a seasoning on their food. We tell her about the portal and she warns us that they are very dangerous to meddle with but she has an incantation to close it. We need some ingredients for the spell, which we can find on the market street. The first thing we need is a spindle of enchanted thread spun from fog and a spider web. The second thing is dried tears of a cyclops! Third is Rainbow Ink from a sky squid, the shopkeepers shipment from Empyrea just came in with some, lucky us! Finally some metal filings, and a flask of breath from night gaunt.
    When we return the ingredients to Beatrice, she tells us that the spell incantation is not in her book and we will have to visit the Wysterian Library to see if they have it in their collection. We go and visit Hugo Chatterly. The Incantation is in the Restricted section and only students with permission from Belladonna can use it. Headmistress Crisp hands us a permission slip for the incantation and Hugo lends us the Spell Scroll. Beatrice wishes us luck and Verne tells us that we need one more item before shutting the portal. A soul stone from the leader of the Goblin Gang! Time to go get it from their leader, Lord Graustark who is in the tower at the end of Pegasus Place.
    After defeating the Goblin King, we use all of the items and spell to shut the portal from Weirwood to Wysteria! All is well in Pegasus Place now, and Belladonna thanks us for helping out. She gives us a Pigswick Academy Uniform as well! :)
    She also lets us know that Mrs Dowager is looking for us, for our 2nd duel of the tournament! Who will we face next? Find out next time!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Test Realm!

Hello Wizards!
    Yesterday, Kingsisle opened up the Wizard101 Test realm with brand new content! As you can see above, "Magical Fishing" has arrived in the Spiral. Some of the ponds all around the spiral now have a bunch of fish swimming in them, and its your job to go and catch em all! :) Want to learn more? I recorded an hour of my fishing experience! Enjoy. *Remember to let the lure go completely underwater and then hold space to reel it in! To read all of the update notes, click here.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Spiral Gauntlet Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier this week, a member on Wizard101Central found a brand new Gift Card Bundle that is being sold at a Target near you soon! It is called the Spiral Gauntlet Bundle, which is 39$. It offers a brand new Wysterian Gauntlet that has a pretty neat Storyline and some awesome goodies inside! From some cool new pets, to Wysterian School themed Gear. But lets not forget about the things included in the bundle!
    Along with the Items above, you also get the regular promotion of 5,000 crowns or 1 month membership with your account! Wow! Want to see the new Gauntlet in action? I recorded a run through of it yesterday so check it out below! A HUGE thanks to W101C user Erin for letting me and so many others check out the new bundle and gauntlet!

    Also if you are interested in any of the renders from this bundle, I've tried to get as many as I could and will be adding them to the render tab soon! The characters will be in the regular Wysteria section and the Bundle exclusive renders will be in a newly added Bundle section! Enjoy!