Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Away to Aquila!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today we went on a quest for Professor Greyrose to search for a key in Marleybone to unlock a special chest to learn the Ice Minion Spell! Now that we are all set, lets go visit Cyrus Drake to learn more about "Aquila"!
    When we reach the Myth School, Professor Drake starts telling us about the "Immortal Games". They are an open challenge hosted by the people of Aquila! They are open to all students of magic, not just wizards. He says the games will push you to your limits but will be a great test of your determination, wits, and fortitude. To learn more about Aquila and the Games, Cyrus has us go talk to Romulus on Cyclops Lane.
    Romulus remembers us from helping out with Cyclops lane troubles a while back and would love to help us in return now. When we tell him that Prof Drake has asked us to join the immortal games in Aquila, he explains more about them. Alas, its been a VERY long time since he has been home to Aquila and doesn't know the way back. He says we should check with Harold Argleston in the Library.
    Mr. Argleston is happy to help us out, he tells us that we can get to Aquila by using the chariot of Aethon. It's located in the Park on Cyclops Lane. To use it though, we need to activate it and there is a book here in the library that tells us how to do that. Once you find it in one of the book shelves, bring it to Romulus and he will tell you what to do next.
    Romulus shows us how to activate the chariot and sends us off into the skies above! When we reach the Garden of Hesperides talk to the Satyr Silenus like Romulus told us. He is a well known poet and philosopher. Silenus lets us know that there are 3 parts to the Immortal Games. Each bearing their own risk and rewards. The first competition will be Mount Olympus, the home of the Immortals!
    Silenus has you go talk to his daughter Aegle to learn more about Mount Olympus before climbing the ancient stairs to the heavens above. She says that the Immortals created these games for their own amusement, but also to reward the most talented magicians in the Spiral! She wishes us the best of luck on our journey. Will we survive the first challenge? Off we go!

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