Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bear troubles!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventure, we explored the magical world of Aquila for Prof. Drake. After learning more about the Immortal Games, we traveled to Mount Olympus and challenged the Mighty Zeus! For now, that is the only test we are allowed to try in Aquila, once we reach higher levels, we can try out the 2nd and 3rd. When we were making our way to Mooshu to follow Malistaire, Ambrose tells us that Grizzleheim needs help again!
    To meet the King of Grizzleheim we need to prove ourselves and become a "hero" to the people in GH. When we meet Bjorn near the Kings Fort, he tells us about a small village called Ander's Holt in Vigrid Roughland. They are having some trouble there and need some assistance. When you reach the village you will meet Egil Axebearer who tells you that their thane, Ivar Andersson betrayed the village to the enemy group called the Red Claw.
    Egil explains that a Thane is suppose to be a leader and a champion, he isn't sure why Ivar would have opened the gates to let the Red Claw in, raiding their village. He asks us a favor to go out and collect some warm fur from ferocious wildclaw and winterberries that are hidden in nearby bushes. When we return with the supplies, Egil lets us know that 3 other villagers are still lost in the woods above. We have to go find them, before the red claw does.
    You can find Hans, Herlik, and Sigrim up above in the woods where the red claw have attacked. They are scattered around. Once you talk to them, they agree to head back to Egil's camp. When we return to Egil, he says the Red Claw are coming this way and we must stop them.
    After defeating a few of the Red Claw near the campsite, Egil will have you go find one more villager who is still lost by the name of Grimnir. He is located where the other 3 were in Ander's Holt. He doesn't want to leave the village since he has lived their for all of his life, and wont let the red claw draw him away. Grimnir tells us that he has known Ivar Andersson since he was a cub and would never aid the red claw in any way. He suspects that Ivar is under a dark enchantment.
    Once we bring the news about the enchantment to Egil, he has us go visit Bolthorn, an elder Grendal Wizard who lives in the Boiling Fields up ahead. He is said to know all about dark magic and enchantments. Bolthorn agrees to help us but wants something in return. First he wants a claw of a brave warrior. Egil agrees to give him one of his claws. We return it to Bolthorn and he says the answers we seek are in the crypt near his cavern. But to enter it we need to break the spell on the crypt doors.
    He needs us to collect Geyser water from the springs, Crypt Bark from the Decaying Bogwalkers, and slime from the Death troll nearby named Drek.

    Once we have collected all of the ingredients take them back to Bolthorn so he can create the magical salve you need to open the Crypt doors! What will we find inside the crypt? Find out next time!

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