Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Into the Crypt

Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventures, we started to help the people of Ander's Holt in Vigrid Roughland. Egil Axebearer needs our help to bring things back to order here and to continue, we need to enter the crypt near the boiling springs to find an ancient artifact that will show us the truth. Lets go!

    After lighting all 3 runestones in the final room, the Eye of Truth is now ours. This ancient artifact shows the truth, even if its cloaked in dark magic. Bring it back to Egil and he tells us that we must sneak into the Red Claws hideout, Frostholm to save Ivar. He has us go talk to the elder Grimnir again in Anders Holt. He tells us that if we want to get into Frostholm, we need to present the guards at the gate a great weapon. The leader of the Red Claw here raiding Ander's holt carries the finest weapon Grimnir has ever seen. Find Ragnar Stormbrow's cave up ahead.

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