Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pegasus Place!

 Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventures, we explored Pigswick Academy and had our first battle of the Spiral Cup Tournament! Headmistress Belladonna has a task for us, lets go see what she wants!
    Belladonna tells us to go speak with Captain O'Hare after visiting the Spiral Cup fountain outside of the Dueling Hall. The Captain fills us in on all of the troubles Pegasus Place is having. He says a band of goblins have mysteriously appeared and has taken it over. Once we enter, we defeat some of the goblins walking around to help out. Captain then asks us to go search for Wysteria's head gardener, Verne.
    Walk back into Pegasus Place and look for Verne standing near the bridge to Helephant Tower. Verne tells us that Wysteria was full of vines when they found it and cut them all back as much as possible to make room for a school! He lets us know that strange new plants have sprouted up since the goblins have arrived. Thinking they are connected to them, he asks us to go search for 3 and return to him. When you return the samples to him, he is going to research them, but while he does that he asks us to go check on the Aerie.
    The Aerie is the stables further down on Pegasus Place where trainers take care and help the pegasus grow, to be trained as mounts! Verne asks us to speak with the stable master over there, Lapin Wingtamer to see if he needs any help. When we greet Lapin, he is surprised someone has came to help him with all of the goblins running loose. He says the goblin gang has stolen all of his Pegasus Chow which he uses to feed the Pegasi. Lapin asks us to go find 5 of the bags scattered around Pegasus Place.
    After returning the Pegasus Chow bags to Lapin, he asks us one more favor. To retrieve the stable keys so he can lock up the pegasus in safety from the goblins. The key of course got stolen by the hobogoblins near the stables. Once we return the key, Lapin clues us in that when the goblins first appeared, he ventured away from the stables further down the street and saw the goblins appear from a mysterious portal. Lets go check it out!
    Wow! Looks like this is where all of the goblins are coming from! Lets report back to Verne and see if he found out about those plants we gave him! He says the plants are native to the area of Weirwood in Avalon. If the goblins are coming from the portal, then that means they are from Weirwood as well. Verne remembers that someone who entered the tournament is from Weirwood, Beatrice Wildwind who we met earlier in the dorms.
    When we return to the dorms to ask Beatrice, she tells us that the plants we found are called Wild Viridian. The goblins supposedly plant it because they love to use it as a seasoning on their food. We tell her about the portal and she warns us that they are very dangerous to meddle with but she has an incantation to close it. We need some ingredients for the spell, which we can find on the market street. The first thing we need is a spindle of enchanted thread spun from fog and a spider web. The second thing is dried tears of a cyclops! Third is Rainbow Ink from a sky squid, the shopkeepers shipment from Empyrea just came in with some, lucky us! Finally some metal filings, and a flask of breath from night gaunt.
    When we return the ingredients to Beatrice, she tells us that the spell incantation is not in her book and we will have to visit the Wysterian Library to see if they have it in their collection. We go and visit Hugo Chatterly. The Incantation is in the Restricted section and only students with permission from Belladonna can use it. Headmistress Crisp hands us a permission slip for the incantation and Hugo lends us the Spell Scroll. Beatrice wishes us luck and Verne tells us that we need one more item before shutting the portal. A soul stone from the leader of the Goblin Gang! Time to go get it from their leader, Lord Graustark who is in the tower at the end of Pegasus Place.
    After defeating the Goblin King, we use all of the items and spell to shut the portal from Weirwood to Wysteria! All is well in Pegasus Place now, and Belladonna thanks us for helping out. She gives us a Pigswick Academy Uniform as well! :)
    She also lets us know that Mrs Dowager is looking for us, for our 2nd duel of the tournament! Who will we face next? Find out next time!

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  1. Chrissy The BlesserJuly 13, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    Man the more I read the more impressed I get. Your writing style and graphics mastery are stellar. Just beautiful. I really loved the portal and the uniform. Very whimsical and just stunning. I have found a new favorite place to read and watch videos. :D