Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Spiral Gauntlet Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier this week, a member on Wizard101Central found a brand new Gift Card Bundle that is being sold at a Target near you soon! It is called the Spiral Gauntlet Bundle, which is 39$. It offers a brand new Wysterian Gauntlet that has a pretty neat Storyline and some awesome goodies inside! From some cool new pets, to Wysterian School themed Gear. But lets not forget about the things included in the bundle!
    Along with the Items above, you also get the regular promotion of 5,000 crowns or 1 month membership with your account! Wow! Want to see the new Gauntlet in action? I recorded a run through of it yesterday so check it out below! A HUGE thanks to W101C user Erin for letting me and so many others check out the new bundle and gauntlet!

    Also if you are interested in any of the renders from this bundle, I've tried to get as many as I could and will be adding them to the render tab soon! The characters will be in the regular Wysteria section and the Bundle exclusive renders will be in a newly added Bundle section! Enjoy!

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