Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who took the Spiral Cup?!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier we ventured into Pegasus Place while waiting for our next tournament matches to begin. Headmistress Crisp asked us to help the head Gardener Verne to help get rid of all of the goblins on the street. We eventually found where they were coming from and used a incantation to get rid of the portal. We meet up with Mrs Dowager again and she says before we begin our next duel in the tourney, she wants us to give the others in the dorm rulebooks.
    They all thank us for giving them the rulebook except Randolph. He thinks we do not need rules, I wonder why? ;) When we return to Mrs. Dowager, she tells us to go to the Dueling hall and knock on the Spiral Cup Trophey as its a tradition for all of the contestants. Once we are in the hall, we see that the trophey is no longer there. We ask Benedict what happened and he comes to the conclusion someone has stolen it. We return to Mrs. Dowager and she is very shocked about the news, but says we need to continue with the tournament and the trophey will show up when it needs to. Our next Duel will be against Kisai Shugenja who hails from Mooshu!

    While we were dueling Kisai, Benedict was looking near the Trophey pedastel and has found evidence of who may have taken the trophey. After winning, return to Benedict and he has us bring the evidence to Mrs. Dowager. She has us bring it to Headmistress Crisp. Before opening the pouch, Belladonna asks us to return to the dorms and retrieve our Ravenwood Ring that we placed in the drawer when we first arrived.
    When we arrive to the dorms, we check the drawer we left our ring in and its gone! We return to Headmistress Crisp and she shows us what was in the pouch... Our Ravenwood ring! How is that possible? We didn't steal the Spiral Cup? Someone must be framing us! Belladonna wants more evidence, she doesn't believe that we are the culprits. But before we can go digging for more, we have another duel scheduled!

    We return to Belladonna after winning our match against Beatrice and she says if we want to prove our innocence, we need evidence! She asks us to check back near the Trophey stand to see if Benedict missed any other clues. We find some vines near the stand and she thinks the culprit tracked those in. We bring the vines to Verne in Pegasus Way to see if he knows where they are from and he has no idea but tells us to visit Chester Droors the Earth professor. He thinks its from Tanglewood Way near the Market Street.
    Since Tanglewood Way is blocked off and guarded by guards, we bring the bad news back to Belladonna. She informs us that our next match with Nalia Dunestrider is soon and to return after to keep searching for the trophey. When we reach the Tournament Hall, Benedict tells us that Nalia hasn't shown up for the match and if she doesn't come soon, it will be a forfeit on her end. We decide to go check out the Dorms to see if she is there and it looks like she lost her wand!
    Her and Randolph snuck into Tanglewood Way because her home world of Mirage has little to no plants and wanted to check them out. When they arrived their, it was full of creepy over grown tree men who were walking around the street. Her and Randolph got spooked and ran back to Pigswick and she must have dropped her wand on the way back. Lets go ask the guards if we can go into Tanglewood way to look for it!
    Lieutenant Roger warns us that 2 students earlier barely escaped and no one is allowed in. We explain to him about the wand situation and he tells us to talk to his assistant, Sergeant Harvey. Harvey says he didn't see a wand on the way back, but tells us that there is a crack in the wall that we can go through to check ourselves! We search the street and find Nalia's wand! Bring it back to her and meet her at the Tournament Hall for our match!

    After winning the match against Nalia, return to Belladonna and she tells us we should go investigate tanglewood way until our next match. We show Harvey the vines we found while we searched for Nalia's wand and it matches up to the ones we found near the Trophey stand. He tells us to defeat some of the green men to learn more.
    The evidence we gather after defeating some is that it matches! Why would they steal the Spiral Cup? We return to Gardener Verne in Pegasus Place to fill him in on the news and he lets us know that Chester Droors knows all about the green men, and was the one who ordered Tanglewood Way to be shut down. Hmmm.... Lets go pay him a visit!

    Wow! Someone is controlling Chester! Lord Bramble who resides in a tower at the end of Tanglewood Way seems to be the culprit. The one who framed us, and stole the trophey! Lets end this all right now and get it back for the tournament and Wysteria!

    Whew! After defeating Lord Bramble, take the Spiral Cup, and make sure to bring that voodoo doll back to Chester so he can get his soul back. Fill in Belladonna that you have recovered the Spiral Cup, and what has happened on Tanglewood Way and she hurries us along to our final duel against Wysteria's own Randolph Spellshine! Ravenwood vs Wysteria, who will take the cup?!

    Woot! We won the Spiral Cup for Ravenwood! Say your goodbyes to your friends at Wysteria and return to Headmaster Ambrose in Wizard City to fill him in on the good news! But alas, no time for relaxing, more adventuring! That brings us to our next topic! Which world would you like my Ice Wizard to explore next? Should we explore Mooshu and chase after Malistaire? Return to Grizzleheim and help out the King? Or Check out the mysteries of Aquila as requested by Cyrus Drake? Vote in the Poll tab at the top of the site!

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  1. Chrissy The BlesserJuly 13, 2014 at 11:35 PM

    Wow what a stunning post. The graphics are beyond incredible. You must have spent massive amounts of time preparing this. Just WOW. Very well written. Really easy to follow and is just a flowing read. You have found your niche. This is a 5 star post for sure. :D