Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boss Tokens!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today I was thinking of some new Ideas Wizard101 and Pirate101 could add to the game and came across this! I wanted to share it with you all to see your opinions on it. I also made some quick graphics to showcase how it would work. A lot of Wizards and Pirates have some trouble collecting gear they want badly for their characters. This may be a possible solution!
    For example, lets say you have been having trouble getting Malistaire's Level 50 Storm Robe for your Storm Wizard. You spend atleast 40-50 minutes in his dungeon and have the worst luck. After you defeat Malistaire, you receive 1 Malistaire Boss Token. After the battle head over to the silver chest with gold eyes, that is where you can exchange your boss tokens for Malistaire's Dropped Items.
    A window like the Bazaar will pop open with all of the Items you can exchange for Malistaire's Boss Tokens. If you have 50 of them , you could exchange It for Malistaire's Purgatory Coat which is the Life Grandmaster Robe. Of course I'm not sure what the costs would be for items across the spiral, this is just an example. But lets be honest, this would be very useful for those farmers out there who are trying to get their Tartarus Gear, and Morganthe Amulets! :)

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