Sunday, August 24, 2014

Path to Mooshu!

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we saved Ivar Andersson from the evil raven named Munin Mistweaver in Grizzleheim. Now that we are finished helping out the bears of Grizzleheim now, we can return to our main quest and follow Malistaire to Mooshu! Ambrose tells us to quickly warn the Emperor of Mooshu to not let Malistaire have the Spiral Key to Dragonspyre!
    As soon as you enter the ancient land of Mooshu, you will meet Su Lee. We ask her to meet with the Emperor right away to warn him about Malistaire. She tells us that we need permission from his Majesty's Guard. Su lets us know that Naboru Akitame can help us. You can find him by the Jade Palace.
    When we reach Noboru Akitame at the top of the stairs near the Jade Palace entrance, he greets us and welcomes us to the land of Mooshu. We tell him the reason we have to meet the emperor and he tells us that another wizard just like us spoke the same words as us. Noboru tells us his name was Malistaire. They are not allowing anyone to see the Emperor unless they pass the test of body, mind, and spirit. He warns us that nobody has ever passed all 3 tests except the Emperor himself.
    Noboru tells us our first test will be with Lo Pang by the rock garden. When we meet Lo, he tells us we will now be taking the test of mind. Step into the rock garden to clear your mind then enter the dojo to enhance your wisdom. After reading the book of celestial wisdom in the dojo return to Lo Pang. He tells us we have learned much and we are on the path to Mooddha and reminds us to keep this inner peace with us at all times.
    Return to Noboru and he is surprised that you passed the test of mind. Next up is the test of body. For this test we have to battle a samoorai named Yochimo Toyo near the Water Dojo. When we meet Yochimo he is very excited to battle a wizard as he has never had before.

    After defeating Yochimo, return to the Jade Palace and Noboru congratulates you on passing both the mind and body tests. The final test is the test of spirit. To pass this test, you have to face the statue of Mooddha and let your true spirit shine. When you stand in front of the great statue, it speaks to you and tells you that you have a shining spirit of a hero inside of you. Now that we have passed all 3 tests we can finally visit the Emperor!
    Inside, the Jade Champion greets you. He tells us he needs our help and that we are too late. Malistaire already came and wounded the Emperor and fled to Dragonspyre. If we want to travel to Dragonspyre we must help the emperor get back to better health. Ton Keng a Monk near the Palace may know how to cure him!
Until Next time Wizards!

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