Friday, August 1, 2014

Wolves vs Bears!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time on our adventures in Grizzleheim, we explored the crypt in Vigrind Roughland to find the ancient eye of truth. With it, we finally see the true imposter who is using dark magic to cloak themselves as the great thane of Anders Holt! The evil raven, Mord Runechanter! Now that we know he isn't the true thane, where is he? Let's find out!
    When we return to Bjorn near the Kings Fort, we tell him of the events happening in Vigrind Roughland and he thanks us. He asks if we want to help assist the bears in saving the great thane of Anders Holt who is said to be captured by the wolves of Mirkholm Keep. This would help with our loyalty to the King and maybe we will get to meet him one day! Bjorn has us enter Mirkholm Keep and speak with Osric Grimbold.
    Osric thanks us for coming to help aid in the search of the Great Thane. He says the Wolves have been sending troups of scouts near their camp and need to hold back some of them so they can figure out the next plan of action. We go and defeat some of the Moonstrider's near the camp and then collect some boulders to use as ammunition against the wolves from the Canyon Rangers.
    After placing the boulders next to the catapults, we return to Osric and he thanks us again for helping around camp. Next he wants us to go explore closer to the Gate to the Wolves Fort as well as defeat some of the troops up there. The Gate is very sturdy and would easily withstand an assault from our troops trying to get in. We tell Osric the bad news and he has to come up with another plan. We are lucky enough that one of the Wolves do not believe the lies and have joined our side. Wulfric Foesbane says he is not a traitor, but knows his people are being lied to.
    He goes on to tell us that a raven named Munin Mistweaver came to them with the captured Great Thane Ivar Andersson. Munin told the Wolves that Ivar was leading the Red Claw against the wolves and wanted to offer him as a prisoner. Wulfric does not believe the lies Munin is spreading and wants to end the Wolf/Bear war. He says if we want to help, we have to go and speak with their healer Ingolf Moonheart up ahead.
    Ingolf tells us that the spirits of the sky and night are speaking to him and telling him that the person who will bring peace to this land is neither bear or wolf. He has run out of healing supplies and wants us to go fetch him some. Wound wraps from the nearby Moonstrider Howlers and Aloe leaves growing nearby in the forest.
    When we return to Ingolf with the supplies he requested, he takes a moment to create the healing wraps and then asks us to search for wounded wolves around the wolf camp. He says our aid healing them will show them that the bears are allies and that Munin was lying.
    After healing them all and returning to Wulfric back at camp, he thanks us but reminds us that there is much to be done before we end this war. He says that wolves tend to look to their strongest allies for guidance. If we defeat the 2 great wolf warriors, the other wolves will scatter and wont know what to do. Hyglak and Otto are are caves nearby the wolf fort.


    After defeating both of the Great Wolf warriors, Wulfric thanks us once again and he is honored to help us keep peace between wolf and bear. Next he has us venture off into the Caverns of Mirkholm Keep to find some lost soldiers who tried finding another way into the Wolf fort. After showing them the way back to camp, we have to go and find Scarl Doomhowler a wolf captain within the fort who has a key to the weapons they all use.
    After defeating Scarl inside the wolf fort, we take all of their weapons and return back to camp. Wulfric thinks it was a great idea since now there wont be as much bloodshed if the enemy doesn't have any weapons to use. He says he has heard tale of a magical dust that allows only truth to be told when throw into the air. The Grendel Shaman Herkir is known to make it. If we get our hands on some, we can use it on Munin and his lies will be exposed to all! You can find Herkir inside the Caves near the lake.
    Before leaving camp, Wulfric warns us to be careful with Herkir, and to not trust much he says. Once we find Herkir in the caves, he knows why we are there, for the Dust of discovery. He says he will help us but only if we find him food first and then silence some of the screaming banshees in the caves. His favorite meal is stump worms found back at the wolf camp. When we return him his food, he has but one more request, to defeat Gath Duskwrath in the wolf fort and bring back his weapon called the Golden Dawn.

    When we return to Herkir with the Spear, he says he now has a full belly and a fine spear so he doesn't have to show us anymore respect! uh oh... just like Wulfric said. We challenge Herkir in his cave for the magical dust, its our only hope.

    Now that we finally have the Magical Dust, return to Wulfric to find out our next order of plans. He tells us that the King of Wolves Varik Icefang is within the runestone chamber at the heart of the wolf fortress. He has Ivar Andersson in there as well. To enter the chamber, you must unlock 2 locks guarded by soldiers outside the door. He thinks its a good idea to start a distraction within the outer chambers so we aren't bombarded with wolves coming at us.
    After setting the fire, we now have the chance to try and unlock the locks in both rooms before the great door. Will we find Ivar Andersson and finally end this war? Will Munin Mistweaver be inside? Lets find out the answers to those questions! Lets hurry before the fires in the other room go out and our cover is blown!

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