Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kingsisle Live Chat #1

Hello Wizards!
    Tom and Leala finished up their first KI Live Chat a few hours ago. If you happened to miss it you can watch it, not to worry. They did an amazing job and cannot wait to see more of these in the future! Hoping they cycle both games (W101 then P101 etc..) =)
    Another cool Idea for it would be to have special guests from each game join for a few minutes or stay the whole show if they wanted to. I can imagine Ratbeard showing up for the Pirate101 one, or Blind Mew. Perhaps Kiersten Samwell (The old Greyrose) for Wizard101. :) Also meeting us in game somewhere would be neat during the streams!
    All in all it was great to watch and I am glad that we have awesome Community Managers for the games we love. Letting us interact with them and do these things mean a lot to us. Thank you so much Tom and Leala, you guys are great!!

Wizard101 Livestream!

Hello Wizards!
    Yesterday, Kingsisle announced that our Community Manager's would be having a livestream event later today! (Wednesday, September 17th at 4 PM US Central time!) Join Professor Greyrose and Dworgyn discuss Wizard101's 6th birthday news and much much more!
    If your not already, make sure to follow their Twitter account here; Wizard101. You can watch the Livestream from the Wizard101 site here, or the Twitch site here! Hope to see you all there! Make sure to bring some questions to ask them! A big thanks to Kingsisle, Friendly, and Leesha for holding this event! Pretty cool!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tan Keng leads the way...

Hello Wizards!
    The last time we left off on our adventures, we ventured to the mystical world of Mooshu and tried to stop Malistaire from getting the Dragonspyre Spiral Key. It turns out we were too late, and Malistaire had already is on his way to Dragonspyre and has put a curse on the Emperor of Mooshu. To get the key to follow Malistaire, we must find a way to cure the Emperor.
    After leaving the Emperor's Palace, head down the steps and to your right you will see a Monk named Tan Keng. The wise Monk tells us in order to cure the Emperor, we must restore his mind, body, and spirit. Tan fills us in that while the Emperor has been cursed by Malistaire, the people of Mooshu have been fighting against eachother. Warlord Katsumori has taken the Emperor's sword and has started a war. He tells us to visit Hametsu Village and talk to Shojiro Gama for more information on Katsumori's whereabouts.
    When you arrive at Hametsu Village, you will meet Shojiro Gama at the entrance. You can see that the Village is in shackles with fires everywhere and damage to some of the buildings. Shojiro warns you that Warlord Katsumori has gone mad and spread out all of their forces. He asks you to go and find his missing men on the outskirts of the village.
    After saving Shojiro's army, we return and he tells us that Katsumori attacked their village when they were celebrating the festival of lights. His army cant do much since Katsumori took all of their weapons. Look for some of the boxes spread out near the outskirts of the village and bring them back to give weapons to Shojiro's men.
    After returning the weapons to Shojiro, he sends us off to defeat some of the nearby bandits and outlaws of Katsumori roaming near the village. We must weaken their numbers to strengthen ours! Once we return, we must go defeat a Otomo Carrier to see their attack orders. We bring back the attack orders to Shojiro and he reads them to us. It seems that their is a spy within our allies giving the enemies all of our information. The Carrier we defeated seems to be getting orders from Do-Daga, one of Katsumori's warlords. We must defeat him before he attacks the village again!

    After defeating Warlord Do-Daga, return to Shojiro and he thanks us for all of our help in the Village. He tells us the spy must be up ahead in the nearby Outpost. He wants us to go speak with Sanisai Fukido there to help us catch the spy!
Until next time Wizards!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Wizard101!

Hello Wizards!
    September is here and so is Wizard101's birthday! The folks at Kingsisle are making it extra special by giving out some neat goodies during the celebration during the month of September, epic promotions, and much more! There is a cake on the website and each week a candle will be added to it for a new surprise!
    The first candle brought the birthday gazebo to us! To redeem your FREE birthday gazebo housing item before this promotion ends click here! The second candle brought us 6,000 gold and the Grandpa Piggle pet! To redeem your 6,000 gold, click here!
    Make sure you keep checking back to for all of the birthday updates! Also make sure you stop by FreeKIGames for the trivia which is giving DOUBLE crowns until September 7th! Instead of 10 crowns per test passing, you get 20! Take this offer while you can!