Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Wizard101!

Hello Wizards!
    September is here and so is Wizard101's birthday! The folks at Kingsisle are making it extra special by giving out some neat goodies during the celebration during the month of September, epic promotions, and much more! There is a cake on the website and each week a candle will be added to it for a new surprise!
    The first candle brought the birthday gazebo to us! To redeem your FREE birthday gazebo housing item before this promotion ends click here! The second candle brought us 6,000 gold and the Grandpa Piggle pet! To redeem your 6,000 gold, click here!
    Make sure you keep checking back to for all of the birthday updates! Also make sure you stop by FreeKIGames for the trivia which is giving DOUBLE crowns until September 7th! Instead of 10 crowns per test passing, you get 20! Take this offer while you can!

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