Friday, October 3, 2014

Back in Time!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today, Kingsisle released the newest Event Quest to Wizard101! The Professor is back and needs your help saving the Spiral from a new evil attempting to change the past to destroy the future. Are you up to the challenge? Around the Spiral you will find the Professor's time machines scattered in some of the worlds.
Level 10 - Talk to the Professor in Wizard City!
Level 30 - Talk to the Professor in Marleybone!
Level 40 - Talk to the Professor in Mooshu!
Level 60 - Talk to the Professor in Zafaria!
Level 80- Talk to the Professor in Avalon!
    While helping the Professor out, you have chances to gain new treasure cards, and even a new reagent that helps you craft a permanent mount! Yep you heard correct! In the Tardis, you will find a vendor who sells you 2 recipes for a permanent mount! There are even more goodies like special music players, and hoard pack drops! Make sure to participate in this event as it will be leaving the Spiral on October 13th!
Now lets start the first adventure shall we?

    Interested in crafting one of the cool new pogo mounts? The video above has the recipes for both if you want to get started in collecting the reagents and needed supplies! After helping out the Professor I managed to snag them for the Ravenwood Pogo stick Mount. It's pretty neat, here it is in action!

    That's all for today! Check back tomorrow when we get a call from the Professor to help in Marleybone! What could possibly be wrong there now...?


  1. Well covered and great screenshots and video. You shared your fun well & remembered all the details so others can be better prepared to have as much fun too. Well done. :D

    1. Thanks Chrissy! You are one of the kindest people I've ever met, thank you for everything you do for the community! :)