Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween has returned to the Spiral!

Hello Wizards!
    Halloween has arrived in the Spiral once again! Spooky Bob is back with all of his holiday goods, and the evil Nosferatu Rabbit is causing problems in the Mysterious Cavern near Lord Nightshades tower... Lets not forget about the Creepy Towers that appear in Ravenwood each October!
    Yes there are new Halloween fish swimming in Wizard City! The 2 you see above are the Black Catfish, which is located in the Commons. It is the death school, so the easiest way to find it is black smoke when using the "reveal school" spell. The second one above is the Frankenfish. He is located in Unicorn Way and is storm school! The final Halloween fish is located in Cyclops lane, and is called the Vampire Squid! They are also from the death school. Cyclops lane holds 2 other death school fish, the Cuddlefish and the Deathcuda, so it may be rare to find.
    Make sure to add those to your collections before October comes to an end! You may notice the Professor and his Tardis above and your thinking, "What does that have to do with October?" Well he will be needing our help soon again with a special adventure! Will you be up to the challenge? Keep your eyes out.
    Professor Greyrose is leading the charge with the Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon! Join her and other fans of the game if you wish to play video games for 24 hours! (or at least attempt it! =]) On Saturday October 25th, gamers from all around the world will play their favorite games while raising charity for children's hospitals around the United States!

    If you wish to help out, you can do either one of 2 things. You could either donate to the "KI Gamers" group, or join the KI Gamers group and raise money for the cause! As an incentive to helping out, Kingsisle has offered rewards to people who meet milestones.
    If you raise a certain amount of money after joining the team, you will earn the special gifts above. These would be sent to you after October 25th to the email you signed up with when joining the Extra Life "KI Gamers" group. Many Twizards and Twirates have already joined and are going to help out the best they can! Together united we can reach the goal of KI Gamers Group! To learn more click here!
    Later in the Month the Halloween Hoard pack will return and may have some cool new goodies in it! I'll be giving away 10 to some of you lucky readers! All you have to do is leave a comment below sharing what your favorite part about October/Halloween is! Be sure to add in your email so I can reach out to you all who get selected. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful evening.

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