Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mystic Fishing Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Meet Otter, he wants you to play with his new magic playset! To get the amazing items above, you need to search for the new Mystic Fishing Bundle now available at Walmart's around the United States for $29! The Bundle Includes the following Items:
2 Player Mystic Skiff Mount
First Mate Otter Pet
Arcane Angler's Outfit (Dye-able)
Swordfish Sword
Unique Fish to Catch
Access to Private Fishing Retreat
1 Month or 5000 Crowns

    Want to take a closer look? Thanks to an awesome wizard named Tasha, (@tkgib) me and some other wizards in the community got to check out the new bundle yesterday! I uploaded the renders for the Mount, Pet, and Fishing Retreat Housing Item in the Render Section under Bundles. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I purchased this on Amazon--not available at Walmart and it was double the price showing on the card. I was really disappointed. You can't go inside the house nor can you place any furniture or other items outside of it. As far as the fish the only new fish was the Rainbow Trout. All the rest I have already caught. It was much too much money for just one new fish.